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06-28-2017, 08:08 AM
Book Review: "Nuremberg: The Last Battle," by David Irving
(Apollonian, 28 Jun 17)

David Irving's work, "Nuremberg: The Last Battle," Focal Point Publications, London, 1996, x, 377 pp, 313 text, notes, index; is extremely worthwhile accounting of the Allied show trial(s) put on just after the end of WWII, about as good as one could get to have published, anyway, given the satanic regime of lies we now live under since that war, which was just second part to the first begun in 1914 by the Jew central banking power (see Mises.org for expo on central banking) for purpose of (a) gaining Palestine as homeland for the "chosen" race, (b) world government and dictatorship, as in form of League of Nations, issuing fm the Treaty of Versailles (1919), then United Nations (UN) during and after WWII and Nuremberg trials, for example.

Nuremberg trials then were among the very first and exemplary applications for UN dictatorship/authority and imposed international law/dictatorship. (c) Further, note the second part, known as WWII, was also for preservation of the Bolshevik soviet state in Russia, template for future world gov. dictatorship upon the doomed, satanically-affected masses of over-populated suckers, fools, and homosexual goons, esp. in the West.

So Irving's accounting is quite fact-based, so far as it goes, Irving having little sympathy for the German side, though he often sympathizes w. some of the characters and victims who were placed on trial, like Admiral Donitz, dutiful sailor. Irving admits Julius Streicher, who did nothing but publish propaganda and act as Gaulieter, being removed fm official NSDAP power in 1940 (he didn't get along so well w. other top NSDAP officials), couldn't have been guilty of any crimes, but was found guilty as accessory for the fictional holohoax (see Codoh.com, Ihr.org, and ZundelSite.org for expo) due to his propaganda--in which, however, he never advocated killing, but only emigration of Jews, as to Madagascar. Irving records Justice/prosecutor Jackson asking the Jew leaders of USA how many Jews were murdered, being promptly answered, "six million," but Jackson admits there was no "authentic data" for that number (p. 62).

Irving's work thus is organized around and upon the American figure, Supreme Court Justice, Robert Jackson, who became Chief Prosecutor for the US and Allies, Jackson thus coming off as amazingly weak and lacking in principle for basic justice, his pet purpose being to prop idea of "international law" and administration of it by the UN--he thought it would be good for his career. One of Irving's signal achievements, though he might not admit it, is in exposing the gross pretentious ignorance of pathetic fool, Jackson, who imagined he was so virtuous in his effort to justify Allied murderers of Germany and humanity, founders of UN world dictatorship and genocide.

Thus it was in 1943, after the Mussolini gov. in Italy had collapsed, that Allied war leaders, Roosevelt (FDR) and esp. Churchill more seriously began to consider what they would do w. the Axis leaders. It was mere ten months after their first major assault involving US forces against Axis forces, "Operation Torch" landing in Morocco and Algeria, that Italy had capitulated. Churchill's attitude and initial disposition, agreed upon by FDR, was to simply executing them (Axis leaders) as and when they were caught, and indeed, this was Churchill's proposal when he later broached the issue to the Russians in late 1944. But perhaps surprisingly, it was Stalin who insisted upon trials before any executions.

Another complication was American proposal by Jew Treasury Secretary, Morgenthau, to de-industrialization of Germany (the infamous "Morgenthau Plan") which Churchill was less enthusiastic about. An interesting note is Russian propaganda, soon after the war, began to complain against the other allies for not immediately executing certain captured German officials and leaders--somewhat a little mix-up in signals by the Bolsheviks, one must observe.

Of course, there was nothing the Germans were ever found guilty of in all the Nuremberg proceedings that the Allies themselves weren't far more guilty of, which the Allies did first before anyone else. Irving writes, "Their [Allied] purpose was to choose the defendants, and to draft the new laws they were to be accused of having broken, and the rules of the court which was retroactively to apply those laws" (p. 69).

The amazing and truly stupefying thing is not only were the Allies more guilty, given the agreements they made at Yalta, in 1945 for example, they were soon to be even more guilty of more violations, esp. in the matter of slave labor fm Germans who were guilty of no crimes proven in any ct. of law--barbarian collective punishment upon an entire people and nation. Thus one sees satanic UN method and pattern used over and again, even to this day: to accuse and convict victims of the very crimes u urself are perpetrating and planning to carry-out, using it all as mere diversion (for the masses of fools and suckers) as one continues to perpetrate one's criminal acts--a formula which, so far, hasn't failed--as witness the continued false-flag "chemical attacks" in Syria, blamed on Syrians, but done by the West, USA and Israel.

Then there were the forced "repatriations" of Russian civilians ("Operation Keelhaul"), even fm before WWII, who had fled the Bolsheviks of WWI, not to mention deliberate starvation of the German population, fm even before the end of the war up to early months of 1950, which killed at least 7 million people, including prisoners-of-war, quite possibly many more. See "Other Losses," and "Crimes and Mercies," by James Bacque. Some of the "concessions" made by FDR to Stalin, as at Yalta, go well to showing conclusively the Bolshevik communists of Russia were deliberately preserved and cultivated as model application to world population for world "government"/dictatorship of UN; subsequent history well confirms.

These mass-murders and genocides by satanic world UN gov. continue to this day in way of forced, toxic vaccinations, poison drugs forced upon the people by monopolistic drug corporations ("big-Pharma"), poison GMO and contaminated food and food additives, poison (fluoridated) water supplies, poison "chem-trails," toxic radiation, electro-magnetic, as well as nuclear, etc.

As Irving is good and effective writer, his book's reasoning and expo flowing easily and logically for the reader's interest, he next proceeds fm this first part of the book covering the general abstract background, the gross, putrid kangaroo ct. theme replete w. all the hypocrisy stinking to high heaven, now to specific details of trials of top, prominent victims, beginning w. the no. 2 man, Goring, Luftwaffe commander; including also Ribbentrop, chief diplomat and foreign minister; Deputy Furher Rudolf Hess, the top Army men, Keitel and Jodl, top navy men, Donitz and Raeder; other officials like Kaltenbrunner, the SS man; Frank, governor of the "General gov." of Poland, and others like Schacht the banker, a total of 22 defendants. Of these 22, 19 were found guilty and of the 19, twelve were sentenced to death. But even the acquitted three were promptly arrested by the new German gov. to be further legally hounded and persecuted.

Another note is the prolific, fraternizing, fun, drinking, and partying, openly indulged in on numerous occasions by the prosecution and the judges during the trial which trial was a marathon publicity show, lasting fm Nov. of 1945 to Sep of 46, the executions carried out in early morning of 16 Oct 46. Did u get that?--the prosecution and judges partying so heartily and merrily?--says a lot for the "impartiality" of the farcical process, doesn't it?--but then again, everyone knew prosecutors and judges were both fm the very same Allies, the conclusion and verdicts were foregone, just another "show-trial," only a little more elaborate than Soviet versions.

Note further, at the beginning of trial, the prosecution made lengthy opening speeches, but when the defense asked to make statements of their own, they were denied. Similarly, at the end, the prosecution made their speeches, and the defense was allowed only brief statements, to which the prosecution was afforded yet another opportunity to make lengthy rejoinders and summations. All during and before the trial, the prosecution was allowed to make fullest investigations of all documents and other evidence, except for a few which were highly classified. The defense was allowed NOTHING, getting no cooperation fm the victorious allies who controlled everything, the prosecution even going to lengths to hiding much evidence and info. "KANGAROO court" is putting it lightly, and cannot be emphasized too much.

Sadly for the Allied murderers, they were cheated of the execution by hanging of Goring who had smuggled cyanide into his cell. So the virtue of Irving's outstanding work is he presents most substantial and sufficiently comprehensive account of the farcical Nuremberg show-trials which were meant to besmirch the heroic Germans and National-Socialist Workers Party of Germany, but actually accomplished only the reverse to anyone who examines even the most basic details. Irving expertly arranges and weaves the abstract principles along w. the details. Additionally, the learning of basic facts of Nuremberg well introduces the real meaning and purpose of the present New World Order global government and dicatatorship, the hint already long given w. legitimization of the bloody Bolsheviks as jailers and executioners of human beings. Take heed, suckers; they're coming for u too, and soon.