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The Bobster
06-23-2017, 10:28 AM

MS-13 gang banger gets 40 years for double murder
By Emily Saul
June 22, 2017 | 3:25pm | Updated

ICE arresting Melvin Marquez-Sanchez and two other MS-13 members. ICE

An MS-13 gang member was sentenced to 40 years behind bars Thursday for the grisly 2012 slaying of two men on Long Island.

Melvin Marquez-Sanchez, 22, slaughtered fellow MS-13 member Douglas Martinez and suspected rival Jose Vallejo in Brentwood and Hempstead before fleeing to Maryland and conspiring to whack someone else, authorities said.

Martinez was executed in August 2012 after violating rules of the gang by not “putting in the work,” and possibly cooperating with law enforcement, according to officials.

Mere weeks later, Marquez-Sanchez and others lured Vallejo to a park under the premise of buying marijuana — but instead shot him and sliced up his face and throat with a machete.

The Freeport man then hightailed it to Maryland, where he plotted to kill someone he believed to be a member of the competing 18th Street gang.

That unidentified man was later murdered by another MS-13 member.

“This defendant killed two young men here on Long Island, before fleeing to Maryland, where he sought to continue the murderous agenda of the MS-13,” Acting United States Attorney Bridget Rohde said in a statement. “Today’s sentence will ensure that the public is protected from this defendant for decades to come.”

Nassau County DA Madeline Singas revealed last week that a recent uptick in murders attributed to the bloodthirsty Salvadoran gang is actually the result of orders from gang higher-ups to kill more New Yorkers.

MS-13 is believed responsible for the Long Island murders of four young men whose bodies were discovered in a wooded area in Central Islip in April.

They are also suspected of carrying out the savage hacking deaths of best friends Nisa Mickens, 15, and Kayla Cuevas, 16, around Brentwood in September.