View Full Version : (Black pervert) Voyeur Snaps Footage of 13-Year-Old Girl in Mall Bathroom

The Bobster
06-22-2017, 09:14 AM

Voyeur Snaps Footage of 13-Year-Old Girl in Mall Bathroom
By Alicia Victoria Lozano
Published 44 minutes ago | Updated 2 minutes ago

A man hiding in the women’s bathroom at Oxford Valley Mall allegedly snapped footage of an unsuspecting 13-year-old girl, Bucks County police said.

The victim screamed when she saw a hand emerge from the bottom of the stall, according to police. The suspect fled the bathroom and disappeared into the food court.

A female witness encountered the suspect as she approached the women’s bathroom, but told police nothing seemed out of the ordinary until she saw the victim come out of the bathroom moments later.

The victim was visibly shaken and looking for her mother, who was ordering food from a vendor at the food court, police said.

The suspect is described as a thin, black male in his 20s wearing all black clothing. Police said he has short hair and appeared to be walking with a limp, his hand resting on his left hip.

Police do not have surveillance footage of the suspect, but they are sharing information with neighboring departments in hopes of finding a pattern or similar victim accounts, Lt. Steve Forman said.

“We probably take less than a handful of these calls every year,” he said. “We don’t get too many, and many incidents probably go undetected. This isn’t a problem at the mall per say.”