View Full Version : Bill would let drivers identify as gender ‘X’ on licenses

The Bobster
06-21-2017, 09:39 AM

Bill would let drivers identify as gender ‘X’ on licenses
By Carl Campanile
June 20, 2017 | 11:14pm

New Yorkers applying for their driver’s license could some day declare a new sexual identity: “X.” :confused:

A bill just introduced in the state legislature would allow residents who don’t identify as male or female to put down “X” for their gender.

The legislation being promoted by Brooklyn Assemblyman Felix Ortiz is not unprecedented.

Oregon recently became the first state in the nation to offer X as a gender option. :mad:

“Option `X’ may be designated by any applicant who does not identify as male or female,” the Ortiz measure states.

Ortiz said it’s time to acknowledge residents who are transgender or don’t identify with traditional sexual identities of male and female.

“As issues dealing with gender identification become more and more prevalent in our society, institutions must begin to reflect the changes taking place,” Ortiz said in a memo support.

He cited a study by the Williams Institute that found 1.4 million people in the U.S. identify as transgender.

“For individuals who are transgender or gender non-conforming, having to identify as either male or female on an official document is degrading to that individual’s personal identity,” Ortiz said.

“We should uphold and respect a person’s personal decision to identify in the way they feel comfortable and one should not be forced to identify themselves as something they are not.”

Ortiz unveiled the bill in the waning days of the legislative session and it’s passage this year is uncertain.