View Full Version : Chimpout results as cRapper knocked out on stage

Captain Pancakes
06-09-2017, 05:32 PM

A massive brawl broke out at a San Diego, California concert early Thursday morning after rapper XXXTentacion was punched and knocked unconscious by an audience member who rushed the stage.

Dramatic video (https://twitter.com/RapDirect_/status/872690541623877632/video/1), taken by a fan in the crowd, captures the moment a man jumped on stage and delivered the knockout blow to the Florida-based rapper in the middle of his performance. Scores of security guards chased down the attacker, repeatedly kicking and punching him.

XXXTentacion, meanwhile, lies motionless on the stage and was picked up and carried offstage by bouncers amid the raucous brawl.

A 19-year-old concertgoer was stabbed during the fight, FOX5 reports.

As it appeared that the scene inside the Observatory North Park was starting to settle, the streets outside the concert hall remained packed with police and hundreds of rioters.

Police were on the scene to disperse the crowd. No arrests have been made.

The rapper rushed to social media Thursday and claimed that he was “set up” by security and the venue.

“Security and venue set me up, I got sucker punched and knocked out, it is what it is,” he tweeted to his half-million followers.

The rapper also sent a message to his attacker: “next time make sure you kill me so I can’t talk ****.”

Last July, XXXtentacion — real name Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy — was arrested and charged with robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. His music has been played on Soundcloud over 400 million times.