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04-13-2017, 09:55 PM
Book Review: Mahl's "Desperate Deception"
(Apollonian, 13 Apr 17)

Thomas Mahl's work, "Desperate Deception: British Covert Operations in the United States, 1939-44," Brassey's Inc., Wash. D.C., 1998, xiv, 257 pp, 187 text, notes, glossary, bib. and index; is extremely interesting and topical to finding out about how the British desperately and intensively worked to getting USA into WWII against Germany w. help of Jews, especially the Roosevelt (FDR) Administration, and such as the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), including help and financing of the Rockefellers. Mahl pt.s out how BSC (British Security Coordination), as this general British effort was known among insiders, engaged in numerous illegal operations, all w. the knowledge and willing collusion of FDR and his admin.

These illegal activities of a foreign intelligence operation extended so far as to effective nomination of the Republican Presidential Candidate of 1940, Wendell Willkie, who emulated FDR and Democrats for effective advocacy for American involvement in war against Germany. The common ideal was "internationalism" vs. the bug-bear "isolationism." Even after FDR was elected, BSC continued intensive efforts against various Republican legislators like Hamilton Fish of New York. In many cases, for these illegal activities, BSC took the leading part, coaching and exhorting American counterparts.

And of course, the common general cause preceding the specific British predicament, being all alone against Germany in 1940-41, was and is world dictatorship of present United Nations (UN) which was explicitly invoked even before the formal institution in 1945 in San Francisco, all following the original League of Nations conspiracy of WWI which Americans had rejected.

Ultimate power behind all these "internationalist" efforts was and still is, naturally, that sublime criminal enterprise of central-banking (US Federal Reserve Bank), literally legalized counterfeiting (see Mises.org for expo), which finances everything and owns everyone, now working for "de-population" in accord w. present Agenda-21 (and including the recent -30 addendum), poisoning and mass-murdering (even if by "slow-kill" and gradualist methods) the people by means of GMO foods and additives, toxic vaccines, poison prescription drugs, "chem-trails," electro-magnetic and nuclear radiation, etc.

So Mahl explains how Churchill, at the time (1940-41) the British leader, realized that to seriously oppose Germany he had to bring USA within a coordinated effort, which FDR was perfectly willing to do, but the practical way of actual accomplishing it was taken by the British as they had most to lose, being engaged, at the time all by themselves, in actual warfare w. Germany (and Italy). So British and Americans of the "power elite" set headed up the organizations and did work of making speeches, and of course Jews cooperated for the finances, Hollywood, and journalistic propaganda, though Mahl doesn't cover terribly much of the financial activities.

For there were serious practical political problems, like American laws against trading w. belligerents, making loans, etc., which required political agitation and rather intensive public relations. Americans had been shocked and repelled by the mindless destruction of WWI. So by the time Churchill took office as Brit. leader in May 1940, after the military failure and debacle in Norway, the Brit. operation in USA was ramped-up, Canadian-born William Stephenson, code-named "Intrepid," taking definitive charge of BSC. Mahl's first two chapters cover the organization of the Brit. operations, first the internal Brit. network of offices, military and otherwise, then for the front organizations as it affected and interfaced the American population.

Then in three chapters, Mahl covers the various personalities in American life of the time, esp. the newspapers, owners, writers, and including manipulation of the polls, like, especially, the Gallup poll, pretending people were heavily in favor of going to war against Germany, etc. Next, there's an entire chapter on the removal of leading Republican Congressman, Hamilton Fish of NY, and a chapter on treatment of influential Senator fm Michigan, Arthur Vandenberg, leading Republican isolationist, this esp. by means of a couple of "honey-pot" females, while Vandenberg "evolved" to becoming more "internationalist."

Finally, there's the penultimate chapter, before the conclusion, regarding the great coup for 1940 Presidential nomination of Wendell Willkie. For even after the election, FDR made extensive use of Willkie for propaganda purposes and fund-raising for the war-effort up-coming. Don't forget, things heated up considerably after July 1941 when Germany invaded Bolshevik Russia.

And don't forget one of the very worst, most sinister and tragic consequences of BSC operations was the setting-up of the OSS, office of strategic svcs, immediate predecessor of the CIA which now so much dominates things world-wide and even in USA, CIA the enforcement arm of the present "deep-state." Thus OSS was very much run by BSC assistant to Stephenson, a man by name of Charles Ellis.

So the great virtue of Mahl's work, though it could be improved for larger context regarding Jews and banking, is its well-written, well-documented, invaluable and highly informative, but concise brevity, covering the specific era of WWII, capped-off w. the great election coup of insertion of British and internationalist stooge, Wendell Willkie, and fatal involvement of USA in the European war, alliance w. Stalinist, communist Russia, and erection of UN world dictatorship which bedevils us to this very day.