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04-13-2017, 07:43 AM

Judge handling estate of Durstís missing wife faces ethics probe
By Julia Marsh
April 12, 2017 | 10:56pm

Nora Anderson
Steven Hirsch

The Manhattan judge overseeing the estate of Robert Durstís long-missing wife, Kathie, is facing a potential ethics probe by the State Commission on Judicial Conduct.

Bob Abrams, attorney for Kathie Durstís sister, Carol Bamonte, has reported Surrogateís Court Judge Nora Anderson to the commission for refusing to investigate conflict-of-interest claims.

Kathie Durst was the first wife of the eccentric real-estate heir.

She vanished from the coupleís Westchester weekend home in 1982. Her former husband remains the only suspect in her disappearance and is currently awaiting a murder trial in Los Angeles over a friendís 2000 death.

Abrams said in a letter to the commission Tuesday that Anderson appointed a lawyer, Charles Cap*etanakis, as guardian to protect Kathieís interests in a proceeding to have her *declared dead.

Her family needs the declaration to pursue a $100 million wrongful-death case against Robert.

Capetanakis issued a report last month recommending that Kathieís date of death be set at Jan. 31, 1987 ó five years after she disappeared. Attorneys for Robert had argued for the same time frame.

Abrams countered that the date should be Jan. 31, 1982 ó when Kathie was last seen leaving the country home she shared with her husband. That date would boost the familyís claim that her husband killed her.

Anderson ultimately ruled the date of Kathieís death to be Jan. 31, 1987.

Abrams grew suspicious of the report and learned that Capetanakis had ties to Stephen Holm, an attorney for Robert Durst who runs a foundation with Robertís second wife, Debrah Lee Charatan, his letter says.

Capetanakisí firm and Holm were co-defendants in a $10 million legal malpractice lawsuit that was dismissed in 2015.

Reps for the judge and Capetanakis declined to comment.