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04-12-2017, 06:05 AM

Men Unhappy About McDonald's Order Attack Employees: Cops
The restaurant manager was treated for a possible broken wrist and an employee needed stitches after being confronted with a knife in the attack
Published 3 hours ago

Police are looking for two men who allegedly complained about their McDonald's order and then attacked the store manager, throwing a bag of food in his face and possibly causing him to break his wrist as he tried to get away.

Authorities got a call about the attack at the fast-food restaurant in New Jersey's Berkeley Township shortly after 11:30 p.m. Sunday. When police arrived, the 19-year-old manager told them the two suspects had walked up to the drive-thru and ordered, then complained their food was wrong and started to bang on the window.

The store is supposed to close at 11 p.m. and had shut down at some point between when the men ordered and when they complained. The manager told the men he would credit them if they came back Monday, and one of the suspects threw the food in his face and grabbed him, police say.

The manager said he was punched in the face and, as he tried to close the window, his hand got slammed in it and he couldn't pull it out. Another employee at the McDonald's chased the suspects out to the parking lot and one of the suspects pulled out a knife, police say. That worker, who is 21, ended up with a cut on his wrist.

He and the manager were both taken to a hospital, where the manager was treated for a possible broken wrist and the other worker got stitches.

Police have not released surveillance images or video of the suspects, but anyone with information about the attack is asked to call the Berkeley Township Tip Line at 732-341-1132 x611.

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Man arrested in New Jersey McDonald's assault over wrong order


BERKELEY, New Jersey (WABC) --
Police have arrested a suspect accused of breaking a New Jersey McDonald's manager's wrist and slashing another employee in a dispute over an incorrect drive-thru order.

Kwasi Mayweather, 31, of Bayville, is charged with one count of disorderly conduct for the physical altercation.

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Monmouth County Jail
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http://www.nj.com/ocean/index.ssf/2017/04/man_charged_in_attack_on_mcdonaldd_workers_over_wr .html

Kwasi Mayweather Ocean County jail