View Full Version : Odd Couple McCain, Graham report to fags at CNN

04-08-2017, 09:36 AM

At CNN town hall, McCain and Graham give their view of Trump's presidency so far

Updated 2:08 AM ET, Thu March 2, 2017 ...+ a few days ago

Washington (CNN)John McCain and Lindsey Graham sought Wednesday to balance their roles as Republican foreign policy hawks and the conscience of defense-focused conservatives with embracing areas where they agree with President Donald Trump, whom they've often sparred with in the past.
In a town hall hosted by CNN Wednesday night, the two heaped praise on Trump for his handling of North Korea and his tone in Trump's Tuesday night address to Congress, and said Trump might be a game-changer on immigration -- a figure influential enough with conservatives to achieve reforms that have eluded other presidents.
But they lambasted Trump over his approach to Russia -- which Graham called a "blind spot" -- and his calls for cuts to the nation's budget for foreign aid and diplomacy.
The two senators, typically simpatico on foreign policy, made clear that they will remain a thorn in Trump's side at times, despite being members of the same party.