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The Bobster
04-03-2017, 05:12 PM

Controversial principal adds grade fixing to list of scandals
By Emily Saul
April 3, 2017 | 6:59pm

Howard Kwait

A Queens principal whose antics have already ​c​ost the city some $500,000 in legal settlements for a slew of sexual harassment suits was hit with another lawsuit Monday​ ​-​​-​ ​this time for trying to silence an employee who accused him of encouraging grade-fixing.

John Bowne ​High School assistant ​p​rincipal Marc Einsohn claims Principal Howard Kwait​ ​–​ ​who is currently battling his 4th sex harassment lawsuit​ ​–​ ​intimated that a teacher with low passing grades should “adjust” them during a Dec. 2015 meeting, according to a lawsuit filed Monday in Brooklyn federal court.

Kwait was first accused of encouraging grade-f​​ixing by staffers in March 2016.

Einsohn, a 29-year Department of Education veteran, says he spoke out against the heavy hinting, prompting Kwait to begin a “campaign of harassment” in an attempt to silence him, the suit says.

As part of the retaliation, the papers allege Kwait gave Einsohn untrue work reviews filled with negative notes, and told higher-ups Einsohn was “not meeting expectations.”

“Most shockingly, the handwritten notes falsely assert that plaintiff told Kwait that, “I’ll just tell her to inflate the grades + problem solved,”” the suit states.

Einsohn’s mid-year evaluation also included a note from Kwait that said “[y]ou advised me in person in December that U R [sic] not qualified to + don’t feel comfortable teaching,” the complaint adds.

As a result of the allegedly fictitious claims, Einsohn says he’s disqualified from working overtime, which reduces his income.

The Department of Education is also named in the suit, citing negligent retention and supervision of Kwait. A DOE spokesman said an investigation into the grade-fixing allegations has been closed, and no charges were filed.

“How many times does the DOE need to get sued before they actually do something about [Kwait]?” griped Einsohn’s attorney Jonathan Tand. “When is enough enough?”

“We will review the complaint,” a law department spokesman said.

Kwait did not return a phone message.