View Full Version : 6 Chicago coons try credit card fraud in Casper, WY; kwaps wrangle dems after multi-county chase

04-03-2017, 01:32 PM

Six accused of attempted credit card fraud arrested after multi-county police pursuit
Apr 3, 2017





Casper police arrested six people Friday who allegedly traveled together from the Chicago area to attempt to use fake credit cards for cash advances at Casper banks.

Casper police arrested Chevelle Carter, Lisa Cotton, Darneisha Perry, Latifah Muhammad, Stacey Walker and a man whom police have yet to identify Friday in connection to a string of reported attempted frauds at local banks.

On Friday, a Casper police detective was investigating reports of people attempting to use fraudulent credit cards for cash advances at a number of local banks, according to arrest affidavits. All of the attempted advances were rejected.:p

About 3:30 p.m. Friday officers responded to the Bank of the West on South Wolcott after bank employees reported that a woman was attempting to use a fraudulent credit card. An officer stopped the woman, later identified as Lisa Cotton, as she left the bank. In response to the officer's questions, Cotton said she knew attempting to receive cash advances with fraudulent cards was illegal but that she was "thirsty for money," according to her arrest affidavit.

A short time later, another officer located the SUV that the suspects were using as it drove down Second Street.

The officer stopped the vehicle near Pizza Ranch, but as he approached the driver's window the vehicle sped off, the affidavits state. The officer briefly pursued the vehicle as it moved west on Second Street at a high rate of speed, ignoring red lights and swerving across the center line.

The officer soon stopped the pursuit because it posed a danger to the public, the affidavit states. Troopers with the Wyoming Highway Patrol later located the SUV as it traveled south on Interstate 25 and pursued the vehicle through multiple counties before stopping it.

The five suspects in the car were then taken back to Casper. Two of the suspects refused to tell officers their real names or dates of birth, and most denied any allegations that they had attempted credit card fraud.