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03-12-2017, 08:47 AM
Law Enforcement spends its time probing Russia. Instead, Anonymous has done their job and shut down many Deep Web criminal sites. Free and democratic nations, as usual, are a complete failure.

Deep Web Crime Requires New Forensic Approaches

Crime has a new face, and whatís most worrying to investigators across the globe is that it is anonymous. How do police organizations catch criminals who are nameless, faceless and virtually invisible? This is a question that police agencies around the world are considering and taking action against.


Dark Web vs Deep Web

The dark web is a section of the deep web. While it accounts for a minuscule section of the whole web, the manner and purpose for which it is used makes it a grave threat. The dark web is often associated with nefarious intent. This includes sale of drugs, identity theft and counterfeit currency. Investigators also find that it offers terrorists a safe place to organize themselves and share information with regard to, propaganda, recruitment, finance and planning.
In 2013 when The Silk Road, a black marketplace for illegal drugs, was closed down its estimated value was said to be over $1.5 million. Since then it has risen and again been closed down, and now Silk Road 3.0 is functional. It is believed that every day $300,000-$500,000 worth of illegal drugs are sold on the dark web.
Millions of people are victims of identity theft because identities, credit and debit cards are sold on the deep web in batches of one million. Data lapses have made it easy to prey on the peopleís personal information. And the anonymity of the deep web facilitates the sale of this information.
Why is Dark Web Crime Difficult to Fight?
Dark web crimes are difficult to fight for numerous reasons. To begin with it is difficult to pinpoint the point of origin of traffic and hence this hampers investigations. Jurisdiction is another issue that complicates the fight against cyber crime in the dark web. Invisible web makes it easy and simple for criminals from different parts of the world to coordinate and work together. When police attempt to investigate cases that stem from the dark web they often find that they are faced with jurisdictional issues between different nations.
Bitcoin is a digital currency, which is used to complete financial transactions on the internet without following conventional banking procedures. This makes it difficult for the police to gather information regarding the buyer and the seller. It is estimated that millions of dollarsí worth of Bitcoins are in circulation and pay for illegal purchase of drugs, weapons and to finance crime.