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03-10-2017, 05:30 AM

Convicted rapist Kendrick Morris resentenced to life
5:24 PM. EST March 09, 2017

http://www.wtsp.com/img/resize/content.wtsp.com/photo/2017/03/09/502556264_18779376_8col_1489094181697_8940151_ver1 .0.jpg?preset=534-401

TAMPA, Fla. -- For Kendrick Morris, things did not go as planned Thursday inside a Hillsborough County courtroom. Morris was hoping for a sentence reduction, instead – he got life in prison.

Morris had been serving 65 years for the rape and beating of Queena Phu outside the Bloomingdale Library in 2008.


Instead, Judge Chet Tharpe went the opposite direction and gave Morris life in prison.

“I believe that the sentence was just. I believe that justice was served,” said Anna Donato, Queena’s sister and caretaker. “We forgive him, and we have compassion for him, but that does not mean that we believe that he should be out of prison.”

The court recently opened the door to resentencing hearings for prisoners who committed their crimes as juveniles, deeming their lengthy sentences unconstitutional.

But the hearings offer no guarantees, as Morris found out the hard way.

At Morris’s original trial and sentencing Tharpe told Morris if the law had not set limits, he would have given him life in prison.
Morris was 16 at the time, so recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings made him eligible for a sentence reduction hearing.