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Did you know that two days later Nasser Hamad, an Arab, shot five white people in Ohio? Two of the victims died. The victims were sitting in a car and he shot through an open window. Next he opened a car door and shot the victims some more. Then, as an EMT arrived, the perp had just returned with more bullets and was shooting some more. The EMT had to flee for cover. Then the perp was defiant and remorseless in court. He claimed his “Christian and Muslim brothers were standing by him” and demanded to know if the prosecutor was Jewish.

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Howland murder suspect confronts prosecutor during hearing (http://wkbn.com/2017/03/02/howland-murder-suspects-attorney-race-a-factor-in-charges/)
WARREN, Ohio – The man accused of killing two people in Howland during a shooting on his property butted heads with the prosecutor during his arraignment on Thursday. Nasser Hamad is facing two counts of capital murder and six counts of attempted murder charges with gun specifications. During a hearing Thursday, Hamad questioned whether Prosecutor Chris Becker was Jewish and then accused him of threatening his son. “He came to pick someone up and he threatened my son,” Hamad told the judge. “I got big family. Big attorneys, gonna make this guy look like a joke. Comin’ for you. You like that PR? I’m gonna give you PR,” he later told the prosecutor.

Prosecutors: Facebook taunts led to Saturday shooting (http://www.vindy.com/news/2017/feb/27/prosecutors-facebook-taunts-led-saturday-shooting/)
Macho gamesmanship played out between Nasser Hamad of Howland and two young men on Facebook on Saturday afternoon led to Hamad shooting and injuring both young men and a woman and fatally shooting two other young men, says a document released Monday by prosecutors. Hamad, 47, of state Route 46, was arraigned Monday in Trumbull County Common Pleas Court on two counts of aggravated murder and three counts of attempted murder. There is the possibility that he will be indicted on death-penalty charges. Judge Ronald Rice accepted Hamad’s not-guilty plea and set bond at $5 million.

Man charged in Howland Township shooting that killed 2, injured 3 (http://fox8.com/2017/02/26/man-charged-with-murder-in-howland-township-triple-shooting/) - February 26, 2017
HOWLAND TOWNSHIP, Ohio — Police in northeast Ohio say an ongoing dispute led to a shooting that has left two people dead and three hurt.
Authorities in Howland near Youngstown say the shooting on Saturday wasn't a random act of violence. They say 47-year-old Nasser Hamad is the owner of the home where the shooting happened and has been charged with aggravated murder. It's not clear whether he has an attorney. Witnesses say they saw people fighting and running outside the house in a driveway before the shooting began.

Nasser Hamad in the news.... (https://www.google.com/search?hl=en&gl=us&tbm=nws&authuser=0&q=%22Nasser+Hamad%22&oq=%22Nasser+Hamad%22&gs_l=news-cc.3..43j43i53.1831.3642.0.3945. .2.2.0...0.0...1ac.1.8pH6wxoSSBk)

Mom of Howland murder victim: ‘He didn’t deserve to be gunned down like a dog’ (http://wkbn.com/2017/02/27/mom-of-howland-murder-victim-he-didnt-deserve-to-be-gunned-down-like-dog/)
HOWLAND, Ohio – The mother of a man who was shot and killed in a mass shooting in Howland Saturday is speaking out about her son’s death. Kristen Williams said her son, 20-year-old
Joshua Williams, had no idea that the van he got into that day was going to the house of shooting suspect Nasser Hamad (http://wkbn.com/2017/02/25/police-mass-shooting-in-howland-injures-at-least-5/). She said Joshua thought he was just going to visit relatives who were in town from Florida.
“My son had nothing to do with anything that happened that day in that vehicle. It was not a feud with my son,” Williams said. “He had no idea where that van was going. He had no feud with the shooter. He had no involvement at all.”
Hamad is charged with two counts of murder and three counts of attempted murder stemming from the shooting Saturday at 1564 Niles-Cortland Road. (http://wkbn.com/2017/02/26/1-victim-named-in-saturday-night-howland-shooting/)
Nineteen-year-old Josh Haber and Joshua Williams were killed in the shooting. April Trent, 43, and 20-year-old Bryce Hendrickson and a 17-year-old were injured.
Police say the shooting stemmed from a domestic dispute and remains under investigation.

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Hamad surname (http://forebears.io/surnames/hamad)
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