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03-04-2017, 04:56 PM

Chattanooga man charged with female genital mutilation, assault after allegedly imprisoning, torturing woman
March 4th, 2017

http://media-cdn.timesfreepress.com/img/photos/2017/03/04/favorsjamesdurand030320173406746624_t233_hef02c0fa 71d366fca1fa53be8044b362ed0fea90.jpg

A Chattanooga man has been charged with female genital mutilation and aggravated assault among other charges after he allegedly imprisoned a woman in his home for at least two days, torturing her repeatedly.

Police responded just before 3 a.m. on Friday to the parking lot of a Walgreen's on the 5400 block of Highway 153 and found a woman who said James Durand Favors III, 25, had held her captive and taken her cell phone so she couldn't call for help.

She said he would get upset with her, punch her in the face repeatedly and cut her arms and legs with a knife. She said he also heated the blade at one point and stuck it between her legs causing severe burns to her genital area.

During an investigation conducted by a special victim's unit of the Chattanooga Police Department, it was found she had severe third degree burns to her genitals that would require out-of-state treatment at a burn center.

The victim also had swollen, bruised eyes, burns on her left inner forearm, a large bite mark on her upper right back and numerous cuts, lacerations and abrasions all over her body.