View Full Version : WF, 49 Metairie, LA clerk survives 24X stab, hammer attack by worthless negro

03-03-2017, 05:04 PM

Husband says wife fought for her life in brutal attack at Metairie gas station
Updated: 4:10 PM CST Mar 3, 2017

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Jefferson Parish Sheriff's deputies have arrested a man they say brutally attacked a Metairie gas station cashier and stabbed her nearly two dozen times while she was working.

Relatives have identified the victim as 49-year-old Mary Wood. She is in the hospital in stable condition. Her husband said she fought for her life.

Wood was working an overnight shift around 3 a.m. Friday at a gas station on West Esplanade Avenue and Clearview Parkway when a man attacked her.

Police arrested David Reeves, 31, at his Metairie home Friday afternoon after a standoff with SWAT. Detectives were able to identify him based on fingerprints left at the scene.

"I feel numb, like this is not even happening," said the victim's husband, Kevin Wood.

He was overcome with grief standing outside the hospital and thinking of the torture she endured.

"He threw a bottle, supposedly, at my wife. My wife is stocking cigarettes. There were no words exchanged. Then the guy jumps over the counter and starts stabbing her," Wood said.

Wood said his wife was hit in the head with a hammer and violently stabbed over and over again.