View Full Version : Illegal Mexican Mestizo decides to use his twins as punching bags

Captain Pancakes
03-02-2017, 03:36 PM

MARSHALL, Mo. — Nicholas Corona-Garcia, 37, is charged in Saline County, Mo., with two counts of 1st degree assault. The victims are Corona-Garcia’s twin sons, who were 23-months-old at the time.

Corona-Garcia was arrested in September 2016 by Marshall, Mo., police, accused of the brutal beating of his sons. On Thursday, Marshall, Mo., police told FOX 4 that ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) took him into their custody and they don’t know where he is now. The probable cause statement attached to the charges in Saline County, Mo., indicates Corona-Garcia is illegally in the country from Mexico, but had been living in the Marshall, Mo., area.

According to the probable cause statement, in September 2016, Children’s Mercy Hospital treated Corona-Garcia’s twin boys. They suffered from fractured ribs, a fractured pelvis and femur, and damage to the intestines. They were also malnourished. One boy was so starved, it looked like he came from a “concentration camp,” according to the doctor’s statement. One doctor said the injuries were caused by a “prolonged violent assault” likely from stomping or kicking.

The fractures were seven to ten days old, doctors believed.

The physician told police that the lacerations to the liver and spleen and hematoma on top of an adrenal gland indicated a ‘very traumatic event to the belly.’ She said injuries like they had would usually only be seen in traumatic events such as motor accidents.

On February 24th, the boys’ mother, and girlfriend to Corona-Garcia, said in recorded statement that she at first tried stopping the abuse, but stopped when Corona-Garcia would then abuse her. She said the twins were singled out from other children because they did not look Corona-Garcia; they had lighter hair.

She also told police she had seen Corona-Garcia kick the boys hard enough to knock them down, seen him punch them in the torso, hit them in the head with toys or other objects and also stomp on their hips when they were on the ground.

Bond is set at $250,000, cash only.