View Full Version : Negroid Deputy Director Of Crime Lab Resigns, Accused Of Altering Crime Scene Reports

02-28-2017, 05:39 AM

Deputy Director Of Crime Lab Resigns, Accused Of Altering Crime Scene Reports
February 27, 2017 5:00 PM

DENVER (CBS4) – The deputy director of the Denver Crime Lab, Walter Greene, has resigned in the face of a wide ranging internal investigation that found numerous ethical and procedural violations.

The resignation follows an eight-month paid suspension. An internal investigation into the conduct of Greene showed four employees said Greene told them, “We’re not hiring any more women, they bicker too much,” women are “too much drama,” women are “emotional” or ”petty.”

According to the investigation, eight employees said Greene told them not to go to Human Resources “because they’re (expletive) idiots.”


Greene was placed on investigatory leave last June 22. He was one of the top three administrators of the Denver crime lab. Greene was formerly a sergeant with the Denver Police Department.

Following the probe, Greene was offered a demotion from his $124,891 a year job to a photo enforcement agent position which pays $57,940 per year. Greene declined the demotion and quit earlier this month.

The investigation also said seven employees claimed Greene “altered their crime scene reports, sometimes without their knowledge and with terms they would not use.”

Several of the employees told investigators they complained to Greene about the process but Greene insisted on keeping the changes. One employee who refused to change her reports said Greene reportedly labeled her as “insubordinate.” The investigation said Greene admitted changing crime scene reports “because you (Greene) worked for the DPD for years and know how reports should be handled.”