View Full Version : Negro gentleman ooks guilty to shooting, burning, stuffing in garbage bags girlfriend (W, Arab?)

02-23-2017, 07:35 AM

Man pleads guilty to killing girlfriend in ’14
8:04 a.m. ET Feb. 23, 2017


“I’m so very, very sorry for this whole situation. I need you to know that I never meant to harm let alone kill Amy. She was my lover, my friend, my whole world.”

In a letter written to Amy Ndao’s mother, Antoine Bosley Sr. praised the woman he shot, burned and stuffed into garbage bags in October 2014.
He told the mother that her daughter had helped him get his life together and he thought he was doing well enough to stop taking his medications, according to a copy of the letter filed in Jefferson Circuit Court records.

“So, I pray that Jehovah will forgive me and I hope that maybe you too will also one day,” he wrote in a June 2015 note.

Bosley, originally charged with murder, pleaded guilty last week to an amended charge of first-degree manslaughter and was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

He also pleaded guilty to tampering with evidence, possession of a handgun by a convicted felon, unauthorized use of a vehicle and abuse of a corpse.

Bosley, who previously has been treated and medicated for mental illness, was ordered to have no contact with Ndao’s family.

According to an interview summary in court records, Bosley told police he met Ndao in Ohio in 2007 and they were to be married as soon as Ndao finalized her divorce from another man.

The killing was self-defense, Bosley claimed, as Ndao attacked him.

The two were arguing one night in October 2014 when he shot her at their home in the 500 block of Iowa Avenue.

Police searched the home and discovered charred remains in multiple garbage bags in the backyard. Ndao’s body was so badly burned the medical examiner could not determine if she had been shot.




Daou Family (Levant)
مشروع السلالات الجينية لفروع عائلة ضو
The "Daou" surname has been present in the Levant since at least the 16th c. CE; people who carried it belonged to different religious affiliations, Christian (Syriac, Orthodox & Maronite) & Muslim (Druze, Sunnite & Shiite). In Lebanon the largest number of "Daou" family members is found primarily in the Maronite sect (followed by the Druze sect in terms of the number of family members).