View Full Version : Canada: School Board Trustee uses the nigger word to call a spade a spade

02-14-2017, 06:55 AM
Racial turmoil in York Region board
Trustee’s use of ‘n-word’ needs to be taken seriously
By Rob Davis


Updated: Saturday, January 28, 2017 06:37 PM EST
The ongoing racial controversy at the York Region District School Board should be of concern to parents and taxpayers across Ontario.
In the latest incident, Trustee Nancy Elgie made a terrible racial slur — calling a black parent, Charlene Grant, the “N-word” — in front of others after a Nov. 22 public meeting.
While Elgie, 82, initially said a complaint to the board about the incident had no merit, she has now apologized following a board investigation, saying it was completely out of character for her to use the slur and she deeply regrets the hurt she has caused.
Elgie said the fact she was suffering from the after-effects of a head injury earlier in the fall, may have contributed to her words coming out “horribly wrong” and she will
attend equity training for trustees.
That said, this incident needs to be seen in the wider context of other racial controversies involving the York Region board.
Grant had previously launched an unrelated human rights complaint against the board alleging discrimination against her son at his school.
The Vaughan African Canadian Association and the National Council of Canadian Muslims, have also begun a human rights complaint against the board alleging discrimination on behalf of a number of families.
Ontario Education Minister Mitzie Hunter has expressed concerns about the board’s handling of these controversies, and has appointed two investigators to review the board’s actions regarding equality and governance.
There are growing demands — including a petition signed by 1,600 people — for Elgie to step down.
Since Elgie is an elected trustee, she cannot be forced to resign or retire by the board.
However, she could be suspended.