View Full Version : Coalburner's buck 'Maniack' is going in federal cage 22 years after ooking sex trafficking charges

02-14-2017, 06:12 AM

Gang member known as 'Maniack' who evaded arrest by hitting police officers with his car pleads guilty to federal sex trafficking charges

Joshua Harring, also known as 'Maniack', plead guilty to sex trafficking charges
He ran a prostitution ring with his girlfriend beginning in December 2015
At least three underage girls were victimized by Harring and his girlfriend
Harring initially evaded arrest by trying to hit police officers with his car
After he was apprehended, his girlfriend ran the ring from her upscale apartment complex before also being arrested
Harring plead guilty in exchange for a 22-year sentence in a federal prison
Updated: 01:25 EST, 14 February 2017

Joshua Harring, also known as 'Maniack', has plead guilty to federal sex trafficking charges

Harring's girlfriend Morgan Palmer was later arrested in connection to the sex trafficking ring which began in December 2015