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Captain Pancakes
02-02-2017, 06:32 PM
Researchers from Harvard and Brown universities warn that in the future scientists may be able to create embryos from skin cells. As the UK Daily Mail reported, “The technique could allow women whose fertility has been wiped out by cancer drugs or radiotherapy to have their own children,” but as the title of their report highlighted, it could also cut mothers out of the reproductive process, allowing gay men to “have babies with each other, and a man could even fertilize his own cells to produce offspring containing a mixture of genes inherited from him and his parents.”

It is already common for women and couples using in vitro fertilization (IVF) to choose the sex of the embryos being implanted. This new “motherless” technique would be another step in the progression of genetic engineering and a greater departure from natural conception, gestation, and birth.

Bioethicist Hank Greely has argued that not only will IVF be easier and cheaper, but the rapidly developing field of genetics will make divorce sex from reproduction. Babies will be grown in labs: “What I think is going to happen, we’ll be able to take some skin cells from anyone and turn them into any cell type… I think we’ll actually see a world where most babies born to people with good health coverage will be conceived in the lab.”

The Rise of GMO Babies

The latest breakthroughs have given us GMO babies. Last year it was reported that embryos could now be created with genetic material from three “parents”: replacing the original mitochondria with one from a different mother to prevent the child from inheriting diseases deriving from mitochondrial DNA mutations. By and large the media, seeking to sensationalize the development and place it within the context of alternative family arrangements, framed it not as “This new technique could save lives,” but “Look, now babies can have three parents!”

In far more substance than the genetic engineering of apples and oranges, this sort has grave ethical concerns and broad implications for how families are constructed and future generations produced. The assault on the organic family—that is, the union of a man and woman who conceive and raise their children—isn’t just in policy, although this is the most obvious conflict. For years, labs have been developing tools to destroy the organic family. They may have been designed for noble purposes, for curing and preventing diseases; but as sinful creatures, we aim to turn them toward fulfilling our own desires.

As with the “three-parent baby,” the media have been both reflecting and feeding the selfishness of adults and their love lives. Gay and straight couples alike increasingly view babies as prizes or as lifestyle accessories. Some even attempt to fashion their children into reflections of their sexuality: “I’m constantly trying to like queer my relationship with [donor-conceived son Atticus] and get him to wear tutus,” lesbian mother Michelle told BuzzFeed. “He hates it.”

How ironic this is in light of Greely’s assertion that sex and reproduction will have little to do with one another.

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