View Full Version : Fambly Oooks "Live PD" Broadcast Lead Poisoning of Jiggaboo Johnson Before Dey Knew Hims Wuz Deff

01-25-2017, 05:50 AM

Family Says TV Show Broadcast Shooting Victim Before They Knew He Was Dead
Jan 24 2017, 8:04 pm ET


The Friday night television show "Live PD" which follows police officers in six states as they respond to calls touts its work with the catchphrase, "This is what transparency looks like."

But with transparency comes the risk of showing too much.

That may have happened last week, when the A&E program captured the aftermath of a fatal shooting in South Carolina.

The mother of the victim, 37-year-old Benjamin Johnson, confirmed to NBC News that she learned of her son's death by watching her's son body on television.

Chris Johnson, the victim's brother, told NBC affiliate WIS that someone had called to tell him about the shooting, and he rushed to the scene. "When I ran up the scene, I seen yellow tape, and when I see that I already know, somebody gone, and I knew it was my brother," Chris Johnson said.

"Live PD" producers were riding with Richland County Sheriff's Department deputies around 9 p.m. ET Friday as they responded to reports of a shooting in Columbia that left one man "unresponsive." An ambulance was already on the scene when the deputies arrived.