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01-23-2017, 05:17 AM


Operation Gold*(also known as*Operation Stopwatch*by the British) was a joint operation conducted by the American Central Intelligence Agency*(CIA) and the British*Secret Intelligence Service*(SIS) in the 1950s to tap into landline communication of the*Soviet Army*headquarters in*Berlin using a tunnel into the*Soviet-occupied zone. This was a much more complex variation of the earlier*Operation Silver*project in Vienna. Soviet authorities were informed about Operation Gold from the very beginning by their mole*George Blake*and "discovered" the tunnel in 1956.

Details of the project are still classified—especially by the British—and whatever authoritative information can be found is scant. This is primarily because the then-Director of Central Intelligence*(DCI),*Allen Dulles*ordered "as little as possible" be "reduced to writing" when the project was authorized.

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