View Full Version : (((Zuckerberg)) sues native Hawaiians to sell ancestral rights to protect HIS privacy

01-20-2017, 06:58 AM

Mark Zuckerberg sues to protect HIS privacy: Facebook CEO in legal battle to force hundreds of native Hawaiians who have ancestral rights to patches of his vast $100m estate to sell up

Facebook co-founder has filed lawsuits against a few hundred people, Honolulu newspaper reported Wednesday
Some Hawaiian citizens own land via law dating back to 1850 called Kuleana Act
About a dozen parcels on Zuckerberg's 700-acre estate belong to such families
CEO now wants these families to sell their patches during a public auction
Using the law to induce land sales is thought to be problematic because it severs the link between native community and their land
Updated: 04:38 EST, 19 January 2017