View Full Version : LeBron James Puppet Mistaken For Racist ‘Lynching’ Effigy

Captain Pancakes
01-09-2017, 01:13 PM
Next to hate crime hoaxes, confusing innocuous things with symbols of hate is the biggest proof of racism in this country. The latest misplaced outrage is over a black puppet holding a basketball found hanging in a visiting girls basketball team’s locker room. While being interpreted as a lynching and message of racial intimidation, it turns out the puppet is of LeBron James and part of a school assignment.

Mic kicks things off with this latest example of horrible American racism:
…the Plainfield High School girls’ basketball team arrived at Arthur L. Johnson High, where less than 1% of the community is black, and found a black dummy in the school’s changing room. The dummy was hung from its neck with a string and was tied to a fake basketball. The eyes were bulging out of the dummy’s head and the mouth looked as if it was gasping for air.

One of the team parents took a picture of the offending hate symbol and posted to Facebook with this description:

So this is what our girls basketball team from plainfield high school had to see in the classroom where they was getting changed for the game. This was deliberately done and an act of racism at Arthur L Johnson in CLark NJ share and get this out. And FYI our coach said there was other dolls/muppets in the room but this particular one had a string around the neck with a basketball on top so I wouldn’t call this an indirect message this is a clear message of hate and racism!!!!

And if that’s not bad enough, the racism made the girls lose the game as well:
The harrowing treatment might have affected Plainfield High School’s basketball team when they lost 64-20. They reportedly left the school immediately after the game.*Plainfield High School is located in a*predominantly black community.

I know racism makes a great excuse for failure, but if the team lost that badly, maybe they just aren’t very good. And if you think about it, the score of this game goes a long way*in dispelling racial stereotypes.

Mic didn’t bother to do any research into this story because they are more interested in pushing a narrative that racist white people intimidated some young black girl basketball players. Had they spent any time digging they would have found this from New Jersey 101.5:

But what if I told you the room the visiting team was given is right across from the gym and is used for a puppetry class? According to the school, that’s exactly the case. Which totally explains other dummies being left around the room. And what if I told you a parent has come forward to explain the offending dummy in question is a class project where students had to create a puppet of a famous person and this particular student’s project was meant to be LeBron James? Would this make any difference? It appears this could have been a colossal misunderstanding.

You see, the dummy in question was a class assignment to build a LeBron James puppet and the room, which was not actually a locker room but a classroom, is where King James and all of the other puppets were being stored. Suddenly, it’s not so racist and the information proving this to be a nothing incident is out there and readily available to anyone who can perform a simple Google search.

Once again a shocking expression of racism turns out to be nothing, or in this case less than nothing. The only real shocker here is that the liberal media isn’t blaming Donald Trump. It’s early in this “controversy” so there’s still plenty of time for the fact-free left to hang this “lynching” on the President-elect.