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The Bobster
01-03-2017, 07:30 AM

Philadelphia Police Investigating Videos of Officer Fighting
January 3, 2017 7:30 AM By Dan Wing

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)–A Philadelphia Police officer is under investigation after video emerges on social media showing that officer striking a teenage girl while trying to break up a fight

Police say they were responding to a fight involving 30 to 40 teens, mostly females, in West Philadelphia on Monday.

Video recorded by a witness shows a female officer throw one of teens on the ground and begin to punch her in the face, but the seconds leading up to that incident weren’t recorded.

Commissioner Richard Ross says what people missed was the teen girl slapping the officer.

“That was not shown, but she admitted that she did that,” Ross said. “The officer admitted that she threw her to the ground and she jumped on top of her, and that she struck her several times. And the female said that she also struck the officer while she was on the ground as well.”

Ross says the teen and the officer both told identical stories about the incident when questioned.

The officer has been pulled from the streets upon an internal affairs investigation.

The Bobster
01-03-2017, 02:56 PM

Philly Officer Off the Street after Brawl Video Showed Her Punching Teenager Repeatedly
A female officer admitted to punching a teenager numerous times while breaking up a street brawl, and the teen allegedly admitted to slapping the officer first, a department spokesman said Tuesday.
By Brian X. McCrone, Keith Jones and David Chang
Published 3 hours ago

http://media.nbcphiladelphia.com/images/Officer+Punches+Teen+Girl+Philadelphia+_22013554.j pg

A Philadelphia police officer seen on video repeatedly punching a teenager during a large street brawl in the southwest section of the city Monday afternoon has been put on administrative duty until an investigation is complete.

The female officer, who has not been identified, admitted to punching the 16-year-old girl after the teenager allegedly slapped the officer in the face, police said Tuesday. The teen could also be seen on two videos posted to social media yelling at and grabbing the officer by the arms before the officer eventually took her to the ground. :D

The teenager allegedly admitted to slapping the officer during interviews with detectives after the fight. She was released in the hours after the fight and police have recommended to the District Attorney that the girl be charged with assault of an officer and disorderly conduct, a police spokesman said.

As many as 30 sheboons were involved in a street fight at 54th Street and Springfield Avenue about 3:30 p.m., police said. Family members of some of the brawlers called police from a nearby house, according to one witness, Takeema Bundy.

As responding officers attempted to break up the fight, two videos posted to social media showed the fighting.

A video posted on Instagram first pans across the street, capturing the scope of a mass chimpout. Within a few moments, the video focuses in on a female police officer who is pushing a teen girl away from the center of the fracas.

The teenager yells at the officer, then begins to shove the officer and grabs the officer's arms. For about a second, the video moves away, but when it returns to the officer and teenager, the officer is seen throwing the teen girl to the ground. The officer then straddles the teen and repeatedly punches the teen as the teen swings back. The officer then pulls the teen girl up by her hair as other brawlers swarm around the two and another officer comes into the frame. The video then ends.

“They threw me against the car and they slammed her on the ground,” the teen’s legal guardian, who did not want to be identified, told NBC10.

Another video posted on Facebook also shows the incident between the officer and the teen, though it does not show the large brawl that occurred right before. Toward the end of the Facebook video, a second assisting officer can be seen separating some of the brawlers from surrounding the initial female officer and teenager.

Bundy, who is also a friend of the teen, claimed the girl was actually trying to break up the brawl :rolleyes: but threw a punch at someone before she was confronted by the police officer. She also told NBC10 the teen's mother died two weeks ago.

“I just feel like she didn’t deserve it,” Bundy said while in tears. “She lost her mom. She don’t got nobody and I feel she was there for me and look where she’s at.”

The teenager is currently in police custody. Philadelphia police say they’re aware of it and its being investigated by the Internal Affairs Division.

“She’s 16 years old :rolleyes:,” Bundy said. “I don’t think she deserves that. :rolleyes: The cop shouldn’t have done that. That lady was like 30 something.”