View Full Version : Man murdered woman, had sex with body just for fun: cops

The Bobster
12-20-2016, 06:06 PM

Man murdered woman, had sex with body just for fun: cops
By Alexandra Klausner
December 20, 2016 | 2:36pm | Updated

Amanda Suarez and Christopher Shows Facebook; Okeechobee County Sheriff

A Florida man told police he murdered his girlfriend’s cousin and then had sex with her body just for the thrill of the gruesome deed.

Christopher Shows, 21, was arrested Monday for the grisly Dec.7 killing of Amanda Suarez, a 21-year-old mother of four — who was attacked inside her Okeechobee home.

“In his confession, it was just he wanted to know what murder was about. Unfortunately, it was no rhyme no reason. He just wanted to know what murder felt like,” the county’s sheriff-elect, Noel Stephen, told WPTV.

The woman’s 2-year-old son was home at the time of the alleged attack, the station reported.

The violence unfolded sometime after Suarez allowed Shows, who was dating her cousin, into her apartment. Shows allegedly made sexual advances toward Suarez — and when she refused him, he grabbed a .22-caliber rifle from his truck and shot her in the back as she tried to run out the door.

Shows then dragged her into the kitchen and positioned her in the form of a crucifix before having sex with her body.

Cops were called to the apartment after a family member discovered the body. Police noticed Suarez’s cellphone was missing from the scene, but soon tracked it down to the side of a nearby road.

Investigators found a photo of Shows sleeping on Suarez’s couch saved on the phone, which was covered in blood. Police believe Shows ditched the phone before burning his clothes in an attempt to get rid of any evidence linking him to the gruesome killing.

Shows was booked on a litany of charges that included murder, battery and desecration of a body.

Suarez’s family has set up a GoFundMe page to help cover funeral expenses.

The children and their father are now living with paternal grandparents and the children are getting counseling, according to a statement released by the family.