View Full Version : University of Toronto Wants to “Save” Climate [hoax] Data from Trump

12-18-2016, 08:24 AM
University of Toronto Wants to “Save” Climate Data from Trump

I went to U of T, sometimes I use what I learned there such as Advanced Calculus, Differential Equations, etc. What I see on TV is nothing but a bunch of queers bending over for media coverage.


The University of Toronto is hosting a data archiving event on 17th December, to try to “save” climate data they believe will be deleted by the new Donald Trump administration.
Guerrilla Archiving Event: Saving Environmental Data from Trump
There is a Call to Action underway coming out of the Technoscience Research Unit at the University of Toronto, and happening at the Faculty of Information.
Two professors are calling on citizens to figure out if they “Care about Trump, data, or the environment?” Volunteersare invited to join in a full day of hackathon activities in preparation for the Trump presidency.
This event collaborates with the Internet Archive’s End of Term 2016 project, which seeks to archive the federal online pages and data that are in danger of disappearing during the Trump administration. This event is focused on preserving information and data from the Environmental Protection Agency, which has programs and data at high risk of being removed from online public access or even deleted. This includes climate change, water, air, toxics programs. This project is urgent because the Trump transition team has identified the EPA and other environmental programs as priorities for the chopping block