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Gophers football sexual assault claim, suspensions, boycott: What we know


UPDATED: December 16, 2016 at 11:08 pm

Ten University of Minnesota Golden Gophers football players have been suspended following accusations of sexual assault by a female student.

On Friday, documents leaked to KSTP-TV provided the most detailed accounts yet of the sexual encounter that started all this and why the U reached its decisions. Many will find it disturbing.

A day earlier, players — perhaps the entire roster — promised to “boycott all football activities,” including the Dec. 27 Holiday Bowl, until the suspensions are lifted. The university is standing by its decision. Meanwhile, the boycott has put the Holiday Bowl organizers in a bind.

There’s a lot that led up to this that we know about. And there’s plenty we don’t know or are just learning.

Here are the facts.

Sept. 2, a sexual incident occurred between a 22-year-old female student and multiple football players and a high school recruit. It happened hours after the Gophers season opener at TCF Bank Stadium. She said it was sexual assault. She went to an area hospital to have a rape kit examination, and reported the incident to Minneapolis police the next day. A number of players, their attorney and family members have said publicly or to police that it was consensual.

It started with the woman, a player and the recruit in a room and then became a prolonged sexual encounter between the woman and between 10 and 20 football players, with males lined up outside an apartment bedroom. That’s according to 23 pages of Minneapolis police reports and an 80-page report from the university’s Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action posted by KSTP.

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