View Full Version : Roanoke judge imposes 40-year sentence for negro in fatal stabbing WM, 58 employer

12-14-2016, 05:31 AM

Roanoke judge imposes 40-year sentence for man in fatal stabbing
Updated: 4:47 pm, Tue Dec 13, 2016.


A Roanoke man convicted of fatally stabbing his former boss was given a 40-year sentence this week for second-degree murder.

After a two-day trial in August, jurors found Ronald Lamont White, 43, guilty of killing David Graham Bourhill last year in the basement of Bourhill’s northwest Roanoke home.

For most of 2015, White performed paid manual labor for Bourhill, 58, but in his trial testimony in August, White maintained they were more like friends than co-workers.

While the exact circumstances remain unclear, on Oct. 6, 2015, they clashed violently at Bourhill’s house on Signal Hill Avenue.

The next morning, White walked into the police station and told investigators he had done “something bad,” then led them to Bourhill’s residence where Bourhill’s body was found in the basement. White later argued he had acted in self-defense.

The scene was chaotic and blood-spattered, evidence photographs showed. Some of Bourhill’s credit cards were scattered around his body, but there was no cash and no sign of a wallet.

A TV dinner, unboxed but uncooked and still wrapped in plastic, sat on Bourhill’s kitchen counter in front of the microwave.

A medical examiner’s report said Bourhill was stabbed at least 17 times, including wounds that deeply penetrated his right orbital cavity, his left temple at the ear and two knife-punctures to his left cheek.

One stab wound to his back ran 5 ½ inches deep, and another extended more than 6 inches into his chest, penetrating one of his lungs. A gouge to his left arm dug nearly 3 inches and other smaller wounds peppered Bourhill’s chest, back and hand.


David Graham Bourhill
October 7, 2015