View Full Version : UK negroid beast caged 29.5 years raped mudshark for love after hammering her, mum & dog to death

12-13-2016, 08:59 AM

Chilling CCTV shows hammer killer on way to murder two people and dog - and then calmly walk away with bloodied hammer in bag
Footage also shows the savage attacker calmly walking away from the property with the bloodied murder weapon stuffed into a bag
Updated21:17, 2 DEC 2016

This chilling CCTV shows hammer killer Anthony Showers on his way to murder two people and a dog - and then calmly walking away with a bloodied hammer stuffed in a bag.

Brutal Anthony Showers can be seen on security cameras walking the streets of Anfield in Liverpool, making his way to his victims' home.

The beast was caged for a minimum of 29-and-a-half years today after he admitted murdering ex-girlfriend Jade Hales, her mum Karen and their pet dog.
The CCTV proved that he had lied when he said he only visited Karen and Jade Hales’ home in Anfield once - and that he had been allowed in.



After spending some five hours in his victims’ house, CCTV finally shows Showers walking home, at around 12.40pm.

He is carrying a shopping bag, which was later found by police to contain the bloodstained hammer.

The sick murderer later told police he "did it for love".

The 42-year-old, of Clarendon Road, Anfield, admitted murdering the tragic pair and killing their Staffordshire bull terrier Tyson.

He denied bringing the hammer or raping Jade, 28, but a judge ruled he used the weapon to break-in and raped her, possibly after she died, the Liverpool Echo reports .

Jailing him for life, Justice Timothy King said: “You bludgeoned each of your victims to death using that hammer with severe force.

“These on any view were brutal fatal attacks on each of two innocent victims. Both were vulnerable.

“Jade was a petite lady in need of protection from you. Karen in particular was disabled, only able to walk with a zimmer frame.”

Liverpool Crown Court heard Showers had been in an “abusive relationship” with Jade, who was ignoring his texts and calls.

He claimed he went to visit Jade and was let in by her mum, before he and Jade smoked cannabis and had sex.

He said Jade – who had fallen pregnant three times and at least twice had abortions – told him: “I don’t want your f***ing n***** babies.”

Showers claimed he stormed downstairs and, hearing Karen repeat the ‘racist remarks’, picked up a hammer on the floor.

Justice King said: “What you did to Jade in her dying moments was truly appalling.

“You moved her to a bed and performed sexual intercourse on her while she was in the process of dying or already dead.”