View Full Version : Aide sent student a video of him masturbating inside school

The Bobster
12-11-2016, 05:45 PM

Aide sent student a video of him masturbating inside school
By Selim Algar
December 11, 2016 | 5:26pm | Updated

A staffer at Brooklyn Technical High School was caught sexting a teenage student, the second seamy scandal to rock the prestigious public school, The Post has learned.

School aide Robert Sutton Jr., 23, was caught having inappropriate sexual contact with the girl, sending her a photo of his penis — as well as a video of himself masturbating inside a Brooklyn Tech building, according to the city schools’ Office of the Special Commissioner of Investigation.

“The fact that the video was taken in school is what is so troubling,” a school parent told The Post.

Sutton had initially met the girl while working at another school, the Academy for Software Engineering in Manhattan, where he performed clerical duties and she was a student, authorities said.

The girl said Sutton asked her for her cell-phone number in January, and after she gave it to him, he began bombarding her with text messages nearly every day, according to the report.

Sutton transferred to Brooklyn Tech in March — but that didn’t cool his sick attempted cyber-seduction of the teen, investigators said.

The school worker only intensified his pursuit, asking the girl to come to his house and sending her pictures of his penis and abs, papers state.

The student “added that Sutton, Jr., also sent her a video which depicted Sutton, Jr., masturbating inside Brooklyn Technical School,” the report says.

Probers were alerted to Sutton’s behavior in May by someone at the Academy for Software Engineering, officials said. It’s not clear why Sutton had switched to Brooklyn Tech two months earlier.

The unidentified girl, who also called and texted Sutton, turned over the video clip, photos and sexts to investigators.

Confronted with overwhelming evidence, Sutton resigned from his position in the presence of a union representative and lawyers in August, SCI papers state.

The investigation paperwork does not suggest that any physical contact took place between Sutton and the student or that he faced criminal charges.

While a bastion of academic achievement, Brooklyn Tech is no stranger to perverted student-teacher incidents.

Teacher Sean Shaynak copped to abusing seven Brooklyn Tech students, ages 14 to 18, and was sentenced to five years in prison last year. The scandal exploded after one of his targets showed her parents an explicit Snapchat photo Shaynak sent her and they contacted the FBI.

The Brooklyn Tech parent said she was disturbed by both Shaynak and Sutton.

“We’ve been forced to deal with these topics around here in the last few years. It’s enough,” she said.

The city Department of Education declined comment. Sutton was unable to be reached.