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09-25-2006, 11:53 AM
With A New Trial And Her New Attorneys
September 25, 2006
http://www.justicedenied.org/issue/issue_26/kl/kirstin_2003.gifKirstin Lobato

Las Vegas--Kirstin Lobato was only 18 years old in May 2001 when she was raped by a homeless black man as she got out of her car in the parking lot of the Budget Suites Motel. The suspect was killed in July 2001 and prosecutors insisted that she is the one that murdered him.

Duran Bailey, the 43-year-old homeless man, was found dead near the Palms Hotel and Casino. Bailey was stabbed, beaten and sexually mutilated.

At the time of her murder trial, Lobato was, as is typical in Las Vegas, railroaded by the prosecutors with the blessing of her own attorney.

She was found guilty
and sent to
prison for one hundred years with the possibility of parole after she has served a minimum of forty years behind bars for a crime that she has maintained she did not commit.

As every innocent person does, after been sentenced, Lobato started working on proving her innocence and with the help of friends and family, luck brought her the best lawyers to set her free.

Today, in the second week of her retrial, she is still seated at the defendant's table, but this time she is flanked by well-known local defense attorney David Schieck from the Special Public Defenders' Office and San Francisco's new stars, Shari Lynn Greenberger and Sara Zalkin of the office of the prestigious law firm Pier 5, that for years has been headed by none other than the famous Tony Serra.

In fact, it was Greenberger who alerted the jury during her opening statement of the possibility that perhaps friends and family of another young woman raped by the same individual could have committed
the crime.

The prosecutors were very upset with Greenberger's strong opening and constantly complained to the judge, yelling their objections and even asking for a mistrial.

This time Lobato is allowed to have witnesses that will testify that she was not even in Las Vegas when the murder took place.

Lobato was raised in Panaca and attended school in the small northern Nevada town. In fact, it was her teacher who called the Las Vegas police after Lobato confided on her about an unrelated case during her stay in her parent's home in July 2001. She was at her parent's home in Panaca, Nevada almost two hundred miles from Las Vegas for a 4th of July celebration with family and friends.

But during her last Friday's testimony, the prosecution so-called "star witness" was declared a hostile witness by the same prosecutors that used her during the first trial.

Greenberger also told the jury about the lack of evidence against her client and pointed out that DNA and pubic hairs found at the scene hav
e no connection to Lobato.

None of that evidence was allowed in the first trial and the possibility that another victim of the same rapist could be a suspect was objected by the prosecutor and granted by the trial judge.

Bailey raped another young woman named Diane Parker only one week before he was found murdered. Parker was at the crime scene that night and identified Bailey to the police, but that theory was not allowed during the first trial and the rest was spend at Dino's Lounge, where he acted like a high roller smoking big cigars and taking the daughter of the owner, several clients and employees for lavish dinners and expensive champagne.

Knott also borrowed money from a personal friend, someone that was the President of a bank and had known Knott for a long time. That loan was never paid back. The former President of the bank is now employed by a casino resort on the strip.

Despite the fact that people have filed police reports and complains wit
h the office of the District Attorney, Knott has not been charged with any crime as yet.

Glennen, as the Tribune has learned, may file an appeal with the Supreme Court about the decision of a District Court Judge in Clark County that found him liable for Knott stealing his clients' money.
Justice Denide Link:http://www.justicedenied.org/issue/issue_26/kl/kirstin_lobato_jd_issue26.html

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The woman accused of the brutal murder of a homeless man gets a new hearing

Published 11/25 2016 11:22PM


A woman accused of killing a homeless man, cutting off his private parts and leaving his body in a dumpster will get a new hearing.

It's a 15 year old case that shocked people in 2001.

Now, the Nevada Supreme Court has ordered an evidentiary hearing on several claims raised by Kirstin Lobato.

The court is giving Lobato the opportunity to once again prove her innocence because of new alibis and evidence.

Lobato maintains her innocent and so does her friend.

"I cannot believe after all this time they still believe she's guilty," said Michelle Revelle, a friend of Lobato.

Prosecutors say the July 8th, 2001 incident stemmed from a drug deal.

Stephen Jackson, who worked with the Lobato family for years, believes otherwise.

"I believe wholeheartedly that they just got this one wrong and that a person who did not commit a murder in 2001 has been sitting in prison for it since then," said attorney Stephen Jackson.

44-year-old Duran Bailey was stabbed to death, his teeth knocked out, skull cracked, and genitals cut off.:p

During the trial, prosecutors relied heavily on a statement Lobato gave police.

She said that a man tried to sexually assault her and she fought back.

That attack allegedly happened in late May. Bailey was murdered almost two months later.

"There are people out there who say there's no way she committed this crime because she talked about it before it happened," said Jackson.

Lobato was found guilty of voluntary manslaughter in 2006 and sentenced up to 45 years in prison. Now she has a chance for freedom.

"It's also something that everyone has been asking for since her original conviction and that's a fair hearing in front of an impartial judge," said Jackson

Lobato claims she was 170 miles away in Panaca the day Duran bailey was found dead.

The challenge now is to pinpoint the time of death.

Lobato believes her counsel's performance was deficient and resulted in prejudice, according to her appeal.

A date for her hearing hasn't been set.




IT WAS ROUGHLY 10 p.m. in Las Vegas, on July 8, 2001, when a man rummaging through the garbage behind a bank just west of the Strip found the body.

Tossed behind a dumpster and covered in trash was a dead black man. Though he had no ID on him, police would soon learn that he was known on the streets as “St. Louis,” and, eventually, they would identify him as 44-year-old Duran Bailey, who had recently become homeless. He had been brutalized. Bailey’s skull was cracked, and his blood-caked eyes were swollen shut. Six teeth had been knocked from his mouth and were found scattered nearby. He had been stabbed repeatedly; the scene was soaked in blood. Most disturbingly, his penis had been cut off. It was found several feet from the body.:p

They attended the autopsy later that day, where the medical examiner detailed Bailey’s extensive injuries: In addition to the head trauma and post-mortem amputation, Bailey’s carotid artery had been cut, and his anus had been slashed. Swabs taken from his penis and rectum would later be found to contain semen. No time of death was established.

LONG BEFORE THE cops received the phone call that led them to Lobato, they had been approached by a different woman, at the scene of the crime. It was the morning of July 9, just hours after Bailey was discovered; as police processed the scene, a woman named Diann Parker walked toward the police line. In her mid-40s, Parker, who has since died, was short and rounded. Her skin was wrinkled and soft, but her gaze was hardened and weary. Thowsen and LaRochelle had already left the scene, but Parker told a patrol officer that she lived nearby, in the Grandview Apartments, and that she herself had recently been the victim of a violent crime. In fact, she said, she had been raped one week earlier — and she was wondering if the dead man in the trash enclosure might be the man who did it. The officer took her name and contact information and sent her home.

Thowsen and LaRochelle paid a brief visit to Parker later that morning. They had not yet confirmed Bailey’s identity. Inside the studio apartment she shared with a roommate, Parker told the cops she’d been raped on July 1 by a black guy she knew as St. Louis, who was also called Duran. The cops noted in their report that her body and face were bruised, but the report does not reflect that they asked her for details about the assault she said she’d suffered. On the off chance they might match the prints left at the crime scene, the detectives asked if they could see the bottoms of her shoes. She showed them, and they did not see any blood. So they left.

The jurors were encouraged to look past the lack of evidence and the otherwise confusing twists and turns in the case and to focus on one thing: the penis.

His injuries were eerily similar to the ones he had inflicted on Parker. There were the two black eyes he gave her (Bailey’s were bruised and swollen shut), the wound to her neck (his carotid artery had been cut), the bruising on her mouth (his teeth were knocked out), and the fact that he raped her vaginally and tried several times to sodomize her (his penis was amputated and his anus slashed).


Say hello to Ms. Parker. By the way, that bruise – not scar – on her lip, was given to her by the murder victim, Duran Bailey