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There are six people facing charges in connection with the death of a woman after her body was found under a truck in the parking lot of Greensburg Salem High School.

According to investigators, 30-year-old Jennifer Daugherty's body was discovered early Thursday morning inside a garbage container that had been shoved underneath a truck.

A garbage bag was found over her head, officials said.

Police have identified the six people arrested as 23-year-old Ricky Smyrnes, 36-year-old Robert Masters Jr., 17-year-old Angela Marinucci, 20-year-old Melvin Knight, 20-year-old Amber Meidinger and 27-year-old Peggy Miller.

Three of the suspects have faced other charges before; they include Knight in both Westmoreland and Allegheny County, Smyrnes in Allegheny County and Miller in Westmoreland County.

Authorities report that Daugherty had been beaten, bound with Christmas decorations, her hair had been shaved and she had nail polish on her face.

Officials say she had been stabbed multiple times in the chest, side and neck.

Police say they believe the stabbing happened in an upstairs bathroom of an apartment in Greensburg.

Investigators report that she had been beat with a towel rack, vacuum cleaner hose and a crutch. Also, officials say she had been forced to eat things like vegetable oil, spices, detergent, urine and medication.

All six suspects are being held in the Westmoreland County Jail.

Daugherty was a 1998 graduate of Connellsville High School; she was living with her parents in Greensburg and had been working at a wood shop.http://kdka.com/westmoreland/body.identified.Jennifer.2.1490500.html


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Daugherty went willingly to the apartment where she was killed about 30 miles east of Pittsburgh, according to police, who wouldn't discuss a motive or details on how the visit turned deadly.

"She was at the wrong place, at the wrong time, stumbled into a bad situation," said Greensburg Police Chief Walter Lyons. [typical cop response to TNB, etc.]


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Teen sentenced to life for torture, killing of Greensburg disabled woman
Thursday, August 04, 2011
By Torsten Ove, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Angela Marinucci

A Westmoreland County judge Wednesday described the torture and killing of Jennifer Daugherty as a "senseless, brutal crime" and assured her family that her convicted killer, Angela Marinucci, will never be free.

With an urn containing Ms. Daugherty's ashes resting before her in the courtroom, Judge Rita Hathaway sentenced Ms. Marinucci, 19, to life in prison with no possibility of parole in the February 2010 slaying of Ms. Daugherty, a mentally disabled 30-year-old from Mount Pleasant.

"Life is life," the judge said, meaning Ms. Marinucci will not be released on parole, probation or any other program. "Ms. Marinucci will spend her life in prison."

Five others are charged in the killing, three of whom could receive the death penalty.

Ms. Marinucci, the first to go to trial, was not eligible for capital punishment because she was 17 at the time of the killing.

During the short sentencing hearing, Ms. Daugherty's mother, Denise Murphy, and her sister, Joy Burkholder, read victim impact statements describing how the killing affected their family.

Ms. Murphy recounted her daughter's trusting nature growing up with mental challenges and said she could not protect her when she became an adult, as much as she tried.

"I always promised that I would keep her safe," she said as she sobbed. "But I didn't."

Ms. Burkholder said she has nightmares about the murder and at one point spoke directly to Ms. Marinucci, saying she knows Ms. Marinucci's voice all too well.

"It's still so hard to believe that this happened," she said.

Ms. Marinucci spoke briefly, saying she was sorry she could not stop the murder. "I think about her every day," she said of Ms. Daugherty.

During the trial in May, the chief prosecution witness, Amber Meidinger, said Ms. Marinucci urged the others to torture and kill Ms. Daugherty to take revenge against her for interfering with Ms. Marinucci's relationship with her boyfriend, Ricky Smyrnes.

Prosecutors said Mr. Smyrnes, Ms. Meidinger, Ms. Marinucci and three others -- Melvin Knight, Robert Masters and Peggy Miller --held Ms. Daugherty captive; tied her up; forced her to eat urine, feces and household cleaner; beat her with a towel rack; and smeared her with nail polish.

Mr. Knight is also accused of raping her before killing her with a knife. Her body was wrapped in garbage bags, stuffed into a garbage can and dumped in the parking lot of Greensburg Salem Middle School, where it was discovered on Feb. 11, 2010.

John Peck, the district attorney, is pursuing the death penalty against Mr. Smyrnes, Mr. Knight and Ms. Meidinger.

Torsten Ove: 412-263-1510.

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Ex-Fiancée Testifies In Penalty Phase For ‘Greensburg 6’ Suspect
August 22, 2012 12:43 PM


GREENSBURG (KDKA) — A Westmoreland County man facing the death penalty sat emotionless in his chair as the mother of his child testified against him.

Amber Meidinger told the court she was testifying against her former fiancé because it was the right thing to do.

“Because coming from me, being a mom, I’d want to know what happened to my kid,” she said. “So, I’m here to tell the truth about what happened.”

Melvin Knight is on trial for the torture and murder of 30-year-old Jennifer Daugherty. Authorities say he admitted to stabbing her seven times after she was tortured by the so-called “Greensburg 6.”

Meidinger spoke very slowly and nervously played with a tissue in her hand. She broke down before taking the stand.

It took her more than an hour to explain how she met her co-defendants and how they came to be in the same place on the Monday before the murder.

Jurors also heard from state police experts who offered testimony on DNA and fingerprints found at the scene.

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It was an emotionally charged morning at the courthouse as Melvin Knight :afro: was formally sentenced to the death penalty; the first time that has happened in a Westmoreland County courtroom since 2005.

Knight, 22, pleaded guilty in the torture and stabbing death of 30-year-old Jennifer Daugherty; and on Thursday night, a jury decided that he should be put to death. :clap:

This morning, Judge Rita Hathaway asked Knight if he had anything to say before she imposed the sentence. He answered no.

She then explained to him his appeal rights :rolleyes: and that he would be put to death by lethal injection :clap: during a week to be determined by the state.

Knight’s family sobbed in the courtroom as the judge concluded the sentencing by telling Knight, “may God, in his infinite wisdom, have mercy on your soul.” :devil:

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Updated: 6:07 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2013 | Posted: 2:54 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2013
3 accomplices plead guilty to murder, torture of Jennifer Daugherty



Amber Meidinger -- who faced the possibility of being sentenced to death for her part in the torture and murder of a mentally challenged woman by six roommates in a Greensburg apartment -- received a reduced sentence Wednesday in exchange for testifying against three accomplices.

Prosecutors agreed to a deal that allowed Meidinger to plead guilty to third-degree homicide in the February 2010 stabbing death of Jennifer Daugherty, a 30-year-old Mt. Pleasant woman who thought the six people who turned on her were her friends.

Westmoreland Judge Rita Hathaway sentenced Meidinger Wednesday afternoon to a prison sentence of 40 to 80 years.

“I could say it until I’m blue in the face. She didn’t deserve that and I hate myself for what I’ve done. I hate myself,” Miedinger said in court Wednesday.

In addition, two other accomplices are scheduled to plead guilty to third-degree homicide, defense attorneys told Hathaway in court. Police said Robert Masters, 39, and Peggy Miller, 30, did nothing to help Daugherty throughout the course of three days.

Meidinger, Masters and Miller had been charged with first-degree homicide.

“These six people had free will. You have free will for good or evil, and these people chose evil,” Hathaway said.

Masters and Miller will enter their pleas on Dec. 19 after attorneys review previous testimony from Meidinger.

“Jennifer’s hell lasted three days. I hope yours lasts the rest of your life,” said Deinse Murphy, Daugherty’s mother.

Meidinger gave detailed, gruesome testimony in two trials that ended with juries sentencing Ricky Smyrnes, formerly of McKeesport and North Huntingdon, and Melvin Knight, formerly of Swissvale, to death for first-degree murder.

Meidinger first testified against Angela Marinucci, a former Greensburg resident who was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life imprisonment because she was 17 years old at the time of the murder and ineligible for the death penalty.

Meidinger testified that Marinucci became jealous and feared Daugherty was developing a relationship with Smyrnes, who was Marinucci's boyfriend.

That caused Smyrnes to lead the attack against Daugherty, according to Meidinger.

Daugherty's beaten body was tied up with Christmas lights and garland, stuffed into a trash can and left in the snow-covered parking lot at Greensburg Salem Middle School, where it was found on the morning of Feb. 11, 2010. Prosecutors said she was raped and tortured. She was beaten, drugged and forced to drink concoctions of cleaning supplies, spices, urine and feces, police said.

Meidinger testified the roommates beat the victim with a towel rack and a vacuum hose. They shaved Daugherty's head and painted her with nail polish, the witness told jurors.

Smyrnes and Knight stabbed Daugherty with a steak knife, Meidinger testified.

“I am sorry for what I’ve done to them,” Miedinger said as she left the courtroom.

Daugherty’s sister said Miedinger’s apology was too hollow.

“No (I don’t forgive her). I don’t think I ever can,” the sister said.

During a sentencing hearing in August 2012, she testified against Knight.

Meidinger, who gave birth to Knight's daughter in prison, seven months after their arrest for Daugherty's murder, never looked at him as she described Daugherty's final hours.

She testified Knight raped Daugherty. “Jennifer was struggling. I could see that Melvin had a sock in her mouth so she wouldn't do or say anything. It wasn't consensual,” Meidinger testified.



11-24-2016, 06:52 AM

Pa. Supreme Court voids death sentence for 'Greensburg 6' torture murder of intellectually disabled woman


updated November 23, 2016 at 5:00 PM

Saying a legal error gives it no other choice, a divided state Supreme Court has overturned the death sentence for a western Pennsylvania man involved in the torture and murder of an intellectually disabled woman.

The court's decision, outlined in a majority opinion Justice Kevin M. Dougherty issued this week, requires the Westmoreland County Court to summon another jury to again consider whether Melvin Knight should be executed for the 2010 slaying of 30-year-old Jennifer Daugherty in Greensburg.

The justices refused to overturn Knight's murder conviction.