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10-25-2016, 10:19 AM

Cops told this guy to take down Trump signs — so he put up more
By David K. Li
October 25, 2016 | 12:11am

Photo: Edmund J. Coppa

Dozens of Donald Trump backers gathered Sunday at this Lindenhurst, LI, home with signs and a Trump cutout to support a fellow “deplorable” who says he’s being hassled by officials over his displays.

Sean Murphy, 50, said cops, citing town codes, ordered him to stop placing campaign signs and banners along Montauk Highway last week.

“I think this is harassment,” Murphy told The Post. “It’s my constitutional right.”

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10-25-2016, 03:50 PM

Bucks County Man Says He’s Had 13 Trump Signs Stolen From His Yard
October 25, 2016 1:34 PM By Jim Melwert

LOWER MAKEFIELD Twp., Pa. (CBS) — Stealing political signs is nothing new, but it’s getting out of hand for one Bucks County man as he’s had 13 Trump for President signs stolen off his Lower Makefield Township property.

One of the Trump signs that was stolen, was 15 or 20 feet up in a tree, but homeowner Gary Cruzan says – like a dozen other Trump signs — it was stolen out of his yard along Edgewood Road.

“They had to come with a long pole, there’s just no way — they were way up there.”

Cruzan estimates the 13 stolen signs have cost him about $500, not to mention the time.

“The first time was kind of like okay, okay they got it, but I never expected this to be an ongoing saga, you know?”

Cruzan set up a camera in his yard to get photos of the thieves, one was wearing a space suit with goggles, and a go-pro on his head.

“When you see somebody who looks like he’s from Mars taking your sign, it really puts a different complexion on it.”

Cruzan says he won’t do anything to hurt somebody, but does say he’s recruiting help to catch the sign-bandits.

He says he’s turned the photos over to police, and they have a couple license plate numbers from suspected cars.

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10-26-2016, 09:24 AM

Underwear-Clad Man Torches Neighbor's Trump Sign
Published 3 hours ago | Updated 2 hours ago

When Kevin Leighty went to get the paper Friday morning, he noticed something was off with the Donald Trump sign he and his wife had put in the front yard of their Platteville, Wisconsin, home. The frame holding it was there, but there was no sign. They reviewed surveillance video from cameras they have on their house, and found a girly boy, dressed only in underwear, taking a torch to their Trump sign.

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10-26-2016, 09:42 AM

Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star destroyed
By Daniel Halper
October 26, 2016 | 10:12am | Updated


Donald Trump’s star took a beating Wednesday morning — literally.

The reality TV host’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star was destroyed by a vandal rendering the fixture completely unreadable, according to Deadline Hollywood.

The vandal was dressed in a city construction worker, taking his sledgehammer to the five-point brass star at approximately 5:45 am.

The man reportedly said he wanted to remove the souvenir so that it could be auctioned off, with the proceeds set to go toward helping the women who have come forward in recent weeks to accuse Trump of sexual assault. :mad:

The allegations all came out after a 2005 recording surfaced of Trump claiming that his “star” status allows him to grope and kiss women whenever he wants.

While this is the first time a star has been completely defaced, Trump’s has been vandalized at least twice since he announced his presidential run a year and a half ago.

Trump’s star is one of more than 2,500 that line Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles.

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10-28-2016, 09:55 AM

Homeless woman guards Trump’s Walk of Fame star
By Yaron Steinbuch
October 28, 2016 | 11:59am | Updated


She’s the guardian of Donald Trump’s galaxy.

The GOP presidential nominee’s repaired Hollywood Walk of Fame star has a new, unlikely protector – a homeless woman who’s been keeping watch for the past 24 hours.

“Twenty million illegals and Americans sleep on the streets in tents,” one of the unidentified woman’s signs reads, MRC TV reported.

“Obama threw our black a– under the bus,” reads another sign, one of several with graphic language. :D

The terrazzo-and-brass star was allegedly destroyed Wednesday by activist James Otis, 52, an heir to the Otis Elevator fortune, Deadline Hollywood reported.

Otis told the entertainment site that he had planned on auctioning off the star in the Big Apple for the benefit of the women who have come forward to accuse the GOP nominee of sexual misconduct.

But when he was unable to remove the $30,000 star, which was dedicated in 2007, he used a pickax and sledgehammer to demolish it, officials said.

He was arrested Thursday and released on $20,000 bail. He is due in court on Nov. 18 and could face up to three years in the slammer for the political stunt.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has denied petitions to remove Trump’s star, which has been vandalized before.

“The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a registered historic landmark,” President Leron Gubler has said. “Once a star has been added to the Walk, it is considered a part of the historic fabric of the Hollywood Fame. Because of this, we have never removed a star from the Walk.”

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11-02-2016, 12:33 PM

I’m a Trump supporter and NBC’s ‘goon squad’ beat me up
By Julia Marsh
November 2, 2016 | 2:26pm | Updated


A New Jersey Donald Trump supporter is suing NBC for $52 million, claiming security guards dragged him away from a holding pen where members of the “Today” show audience were gathered and then beat him up in the street.

Mark Gallagher, 23, of Oakridge, NJ, had made it into the background of ABC’s “Good Morning America” set the day before wearing a T-shirt that said “Bill Clinton is a Rapist.”

The social worker admits that he donned the shirt as part of a political stunt orchestrated by Infowars blogger Alex Jones — who offers people $1,000 if they appear on national TV with the slogan for over five seconds, and $5,000 if they shout out the phrase. :D

On Oct. 12, ABC guards escorted Gallagher out of the audience, but on Oct. 13, when he attempted the same stunt, an NBC “goon squad” of five guards grabbed his arm and neck and hit his head and knee before handing him over to NYPD counterterrorism officers, according to his suit.

Gallagher never even got a chance to show the T-shirt, his suit says.

“They had him pegged,” said Richard Luthmann, Gallagher’s attorney. Luthmann said Gallagher’s success at “GMA” was “big news” at Infowars.

“The security goons probably had a list of deplorables, for lack of a better term,” Luthmann said, referring to Hillary Clinton’s much-criticized term for Trump supporters.

Gallagher was arrested and charged with criminal trespass, according to court records. The charge will be dismissed if Gallagher stays out of trouble for six months, Luthmann said.

Luthmann said his client was going after the $5,000 prize, which would have required saying “Bill Clinton is a rapist” loud enough to be captured by the live TV broadcast.

“The kid’s got student loans,” Luthmann explained.

A rep for NBC did not immediately return a message seeking comment.

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11-04-2016, 06:25 AM

Postal Worker Caught on Camera Stealing Trump Campaign Sign
By NBC10 Drew Smith

A Townsend, Delaware man fed up with his Trump campaign signs being stolen set up a camera and caught a US Postal worker taking his sign. Now, officials are looking :rolleyes: into the incident. NBC10's Drew Smith has this exclusive report.

Published at 4:19 AM GMT on Nov 4, 2016 | Updated 3 hours ago

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11-08-2016, 07:55 AM

Topless voters protest Trump at his polling station
By Daniel Prendergast
November 8, 2016 | 10:45am

Two topless Donald Trump-haters were busted at a Midtown polling center on Tuesday — for shouting their opposition to the GOP’s presidential nominee, authorities said.

Tiffany Robson, 28, from Seattle and Neda Topaloski, 30, of Montreal :confused: bared their breasts at PS 59 at 233 E. 56th St. a little before 9 a.m. while loudly voicing their disapproval of Trump, according to law enforcement officials.

“Get your balls out of our polls!” the women screamed, cops said.

Going topless in New York isn’t a crime – but electioneering within 100 feet of a polling station is, cops said.

They were hauled off to the 17th Precinct station house and were expected to be issued a summons before their release. :p

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11-09-2016, 01:57 PM

‘Not my president’: Protests erupt after Trump victory
By David K. Li
November 9, 2016 | 6:30am | Updated

Protests broke out across California and Oregon early Wednesday in the wake of Donald Trump’s stunning presidential victory.

Angry gatherings were reported in Portland, Oregon, and on the campuses of UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC Santa Barbara, on the streets of Oakland and Berkeley.

“Not my president!” roared mongrel protesters at both UCLA, and along the ’60s-throwback street of Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley. :mad:

Students at the liberal mecca of UC Berkeley spent much of the late night and early morning hours at Sproul Plaza taking in the shocking results before taking to the streets.

“Then I heard the chanting, and I knew I was done coping,” junior Juan Alvarado told campus newspaper the Daily Californian.

A Trump piñata was set on fire in a dumpster on Westwood Boulevard, just off the UCLA campus. :mad:

“Of course I joined in [the protest],” 19-year-old protester N.J. Omorogieva told the LA Times, calling herself “heartbroken” over the results, “to give hugs to people who were overcome by devastation.”

Mystery meat xtudents chant as they demonstrate at San Francisco State University following Trump’s presidential win.
Photo: Reuters

UCLA law student Sarah Cho struggled to comprehend Trump’s win :rolleyes: — even while telling herself in recent weeks that it was “always a possibility.”

“Cognitively, I knew Trump winning was always a possibility, but I never thought it would actually happen,” she told campus newspaper the Daily Bruin.

About 200 protesters commandeered Highway 24, a main expressway that connects ritzy East Bay suburbs to Oakland and San Francisco, at 12:10 a.m. local time, police said.

A 20-year-old woman was seriously injured when she was struck by an SUV on Highway 24, which was closed for an hour due to protests.

“All I could think of is this is somebody’s daughter — and the fact that it came from this action on the freeway,” a woman in that SUV told the San Francisco Chronicle. “I just want everybody to be OK. We need to stick together at a time like this.”

The driver of the Honda Element pulled over and cooperated with police, while protesters vandalized the SUV, KNTV reported.

Dumpsters were set on fire up and down Broadway in downtown Oakland, forcing the Bay Area Rapid Transit system to shut down train service at its 12th Street Station.

UCSB students clogged the streets of Isla Vista shouting, “F-ck Donald Trump” and “Not my president!,” campus newspaper The Daily Nexus reported.

In Portland, students from Portland State and other demonstrators marched through streets and blocked traffic on Interstate 5 and at least two light rail lines.

“That’s not my president!,” others screamed, according to KGW-TV.

There was even a protest deep in the heart of Orange County – the spiritual home of West Coast Republicans that includes John Wayne Airport and the Richard Nixon Library & Museum.

About 300 UC Irvine students spontaneously marched after Clinton conceded, many with their fists in the air and shouting obscenities about Trump.

The affluent Southern California suburb voted for Clinton over Trump, 49.8 percent to 44.9 percent – making her the first Democratic presidential nominee to carry The OC since 1936.

“I fear for the whole world,” 19-year-old freshman Israel Foss told the Orange County Register. “We wanted to have an expression of solidarity in support of our diversity.”

A bit further down the coast, about 500 UC San Diego students protested in the streets of picturesque LaJolla.

They briefly took over Interstate 5 and blocked traffic. One protester was hit by a car.

“I was in disbelief. Everybody felt the same way. How could this have happened? I guess people wanted to show solidarity,” student Thomas Gui, 20, told the San Diego Union-Tribune. “It was surprising how many people got together.”

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11-09-2016, 02:44 PM

Trump victory is a win for the little guy over the elite
By Michael Goodwin
November 9, 2016 | 3:01am | Updated

Photo: Getty Images

And so this is how the Obama era of Hope & Change really ends. With the world turned upside down, and with President Obama having to pass the baton to Donald Trump. :p

That is going to be one helluva inauguration.

Trump stands today as the greatest disrupter in modern politics, the winner of the biggest upset imaginable, but for most of the campaign, he was not even the best argument for his own candidacy. That distinction belonged to the millions upon millions of everyday Americans who found in him the bare-knuckled brawler they were desperately seeking.

Their choice started as a surprise, as Republican primary voters turned their backs on a parade of supposedly better-qualified candidates to make the TV celebrity with the funny hair their battering ram against an arrogant establishment.

Their movement grew and spread until, early Wednesday, as the key states swung red one after another on TV maps, the last walls of resistance came tumbling down. It was a hallelujah moment, the ultimate underdog leading the forgotten masses to triumph. All the more so because Trump’s voters often took great risks and were routinely insulted and demeaned for their passion.

But they wore those insults as badges of honor, proudly calling themselves the “deplorables” and the “irredeemables.”

They would not be deterred, and today they have taken back their country.

Trump’s remarkable victory is their victory. It is a victory for democracy, for the common men and women of America.

The factory workers, the veterans, the cops, the kitchen help, people who plow the fields, make the trains run, pick up the trash and keep the country together and keep it moving — they are all now winners. As one, these cogs of our daily life rose up in a peaceful revolution, their only weapons the ballot box and their faith in the future.

This, the greatest nation ever conceived on Earth, proved once again that America is exceptional because Americans are exceptional.

Trump voters had the courage of their conviction to go against all their betters, all the poobahs and petty potentates of politics, industry and, above all, the fraudulent hucksters of the national liberal media.

And who, at this extraordinary juncture, dares say that Trump is not worthy of victory and of the salute of his countrymen? He has done what nobody thought he could, overcoming the doubts and scoffs every incredible step of the way.

No candidate in modern times and perhaps ever has suffered such abuse at the hands of the dominant culture. Virtually every day, nearly all the front pages and broadcasters in the entire country vilified him in an attempt to destroy him.

The late-night comics made fun of him like so much trailer trash, Wall Street saw him as a threat, Hollywood looked down on him and even the pope added his two cents of disdain.

It was dirty pool, against any standard of fairness and decency, but that was not the would-be assassins’ biggest mistake. It was that failing to destroy Trump, the elite smart set unleashed its contempt on his supporters.

The effect was the opposite of what was intended. Instead of demoralizing the Trumpsters, the nonstop attacks hardened them and made them more determined to finish what they had started.

Now America, at last, has a countervailing cultural force. Not so much a conservative standing against a liberal establishment, but rather a fearless populist who likes to mix it up and insists on doing things his way.

Sure, he’s thin-skinned and can be a bully, and there were many times when he looked like he was throwing his chances away with foolish fights. But for the last month, he has been a model of restraint and stuck resolutely to the issues, showing that he wanted to win more than he wanted to pop off or chase rabbits down holes.

Of course, new and greater challenges await, and the task of governing such a large, complex nation will present a sharp learning curve. But the first step in governing is winning the people’s consent, and there is no denying that Trump represents the mood for change every bit as much as Obama did eight years ago.

I said some time ago that the pendulum sometimes swings farther than we think it will, and that’s what we’re witnessing. Obama begat Trump.

A month ago, it looked as if Obama would pick his successor and bury Trump in a humiliating landslide. Yet today, Trump is the president-elect and the Obama legacy is in shambles.

As for Hillary Clinton, she didn’t deserve to be president, despite wanting it more than life itself.

She had no rationale for running, was so ethically challenged and so patently dishonest that, to me, it would be a give-up if she became president.

She would have made history and ruined the country. That was too high a price for shattering the glass ceiling.

Beyond Clinton, Obama and George Soros, Hollywood and the media, the losers include political correctness, that disease of the spirit that saps confidence in one’s own values and success.

Most important, Trump pledged to make America strong again, and if he does, he will be a success.

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11-10-2016, 08:37 AM

Protesters Gather At Philadelphia City Hall Following Donald Trump’s Victory
November 9, 2016 7:46 PM

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Protesters gathered at Philadelphia’s City Hall on Wednesday night to express their displeasure with America’s decision to elect Donald Trump as the next President of the United States.

Trump pulled off a surprising victory on Election Night, proving all of the major polls wrong.

Hundreds of protesters came together for an event held by the Philadelphia Socialist Alternative. Police say they estimate the number to be around 700.

Those assembled began to march on Broad Street, heading town Girard Avenue, causing traffic delays in the area. The group went deeper into North Philadelphia, turning on Lehigh Avenue. As of 10:00 p.m., police said no arrests were made.

Eyewitness News‘ reported that the crowd expressed displeasure for both Republicans and Democrats and that it was made up by a large number of Bernie Sanders supporters.

At one point during the march, protesters stopped to burn the American Flag. :mad:

The Bobster
11-10-2016, 11:53 AM

Anti-Trump protesters take to the streets across America
By Elizabeth Rosner, Stephanie Pagones and Joe Tacopino
November 9, 2016 | 7:10pm | Updated

Protesters reach Trump Tower as they march against Republican president-elect Donald Trump in the neighborhood of Manhattan in New York

Thousands of protesters chanting “Trump is Hitler!” stormed up Sixth Avenue en route to Trump Tower on Fifth on Wednesday night in one of many demonstrations nationwide against the new president-elect.

Those in the mob first gathered in Union Square to vent their anger over the election results.

They later took to the streets and headed to Trump’s headquarters and penthouse apartment in Midtown, where they climbed light poles and burned flags. At least 62 people were arrested, police sources said.

“That man who is not our president, we are going to make him hear us,” declared one demonstrator, 34-year-old Shannon Malone. :mad:

“There’s gonna be fallout. We’re concerned that the rights of women, the LGBTQ community, people of color will not be preserved.” :D

A large marching band joined the procession, as angry cabbies and other motorists who were stuck in the sudden traffic chaos honked their horns and cursed.

“This is what the popular vote looks like,” one protester noted, referring to the fact that Hillary Clinton actually beat Trump in the popular vote, despite losing the electoral vote — the only one that counts.

The president-elect was believed to be holed up in an office inside the building putting together a team of insiders who will aid in the transition and run the government in January.

A number of demonstrators were arrested for disorderly conduct, others climbed a utility pole, and one group could be seen burning an American flag.

“Donald Trump, go away. Racist, sexist, anti-gay,” the crowd shouted.

Heloïse, a 9-year-old fourth-grader :rolleyes: whose family moved here from France, was one of the youngest protesters at the march.

“I think it’s unfair. We :confused: voted for Hillary Clinton, but it is Trump who won. It is unfair,” Heloïse said.

“We were going to go for a school trip to Washington to watch Hillary come to power in January, but now we’re not because she didn’t win.”

Protesters also gathered in Chicago, where thousands blocked the entrance to that city’s Trump Tower.

In Boston, thousands of protesters streamed through downtown, chanting “Trump’s a racist” and carrying signs that said “Impeach Trump” and “Abolish Electoral College.”

On the West Coast, people smashed windows and spray-painted anti-Trump graffiti in Oakland.

Several hundred people flooded onto one of the busiest freeways in Los Angeles, causing a miles-long traffic backup.

The protesters, who had remained peaceful and not overly disruptive for most of the night, poured onto US 101, which links downtown LA to Hollywood, and stayed there for most of an hour. Drivers sat and waited. Many got out of their cars.

There was no violence between police officers and protesters.

The Bobster
11-10-2016, 05:11 PM

Anti-Trump Demonstrations Continue In Philadelphia For Second Night
November 10, 2016 5:34 PM

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Protests against President-Elect Donald Trump got underway around 5:00 p.m. on Thursday night, marking the second straight day of demonstrations over him being elected president.

Chopper 3 was live over Center City where some protesters gathered. The protests came amid word that some of those who were displeased with the result of the election, took to vandalism at City Hall on Wednesday night.

Philadelphia Police are telling commuters to expect delays. They add that a group of approximately 1,000 people marched on JFK Boulevard heading towards 30th Street.

The signs throughout the protests have made it clear of the displeasure that the demonstrators have for a President Trump. The rally started with a gathering of hundreds of people outside of the Municipal Services Building before the marching began.

Police said that Wednesday’s protest was peaceful and they expected the same for Thursday. They estimated that as many as 1,000 people protested on Wednesday night.

Officers characterized the protest as uneventful.

“For the most part, they were peaceful,” said Lt. John Stanford. He added that they were a couple instances along the way of people setting fires, some burning flags. A photo was also snapped of city workers cleaning the words “Not My President,” off of City Hall.

Officers say it is important to strike a balance between people expressing themselves and the safety of others.

The Bobster
11-10-2016, 05:55 PM

Cops brace for second night of anti-Trump protests
By Reuters
November 10, 2016 | 8:27pm | Updated

A coal-burning slut argues with NYPD officers during a Nov. 9 protest against President-elect Donald Trump. Photo: Getty

Demonstrators took to the streets across the country for a second day on Thursday to protest the Republican presidential election victory of real estate mogul Donald Trump, voicing fears that his triumph would strike a blow against civil rights.

Beefing up protection for two of Trump’s marquee properties that have become protest rallying points, police erected security fences around his newly opened Pennsylvania Avenue hotel in Washington and placed concrete blocks in front of the high-rise Trump Tower in Manhattan.

A Trump campaign representative did not respond to requests for comment on the protests. Taking a far more conciliatory tone in his acceptance speech early Wednesday than he had at many of his campaign events, Trump vowed to be a president for all Americans.

Earlier this month, his campaign rejected a Klan newspaper endorsement, saying Trump “denounces hate in any form.”

Rudy Giuliani, the former New York City mayor and a high-profile Trump supporter, called the demonstrators “a bunch of spoiled cry-babies :p,” in an interview with Fox News.

White House spokesman Joshua Earnest said Obama supported demonstrators’ right to express themselves peacefully. :mad:

The Bobster
11-10-2016, 06:02 PM

‘Clint Eastwood’ Twitter account suspended after praising Trump
By Chris Perez
November 10, 2016 | 5:45pm | Updated

The good, the bad and the politically correct.

Twitter had Clint Eastwood fans up in arms on Thursday for suspending an account purportedly belonging to the actor following a pro-Trump tweet.

“Thank you America, I don’t have long left to live but now I know the last few years will be great, I can’t thank you enough #PresidentTrump,” tweeted @EastwoodUSA, just hours after the race was called for The Donald.

The social media site apparently wasn’t a fan of the tweet, and chose to suspend the account a short time after — sparking cries of censorship throughout the night.

But it turns out, “the man with no name” is also the man with no Twitter — and it was never him who wrote the message.

“STOP POSING AS MY DAD EVERYONE KNOWS HE WOULD NOT KNOW HOW TO USE SOCIAL MEDIA :mad:,” tweeted the actor’s daughter, Morgan Eastwood.

“Everyone knows this isn’t really his account. I would know.”

Still, the fact that an account was deleted immediately after sending a tweet praising the president-elect irked many users.

“It’s official – voicing support for ‘Our’ President elect is now ‘hate speech’” wrote one user.

“Censorship and authoritarism [sic] show their claws on Twitter again,” added another.

The Bobster
11-11-2016, 07:10 AM

Elite kike schools offering coddled kids disaster counseling after Trump win
By Emily Smith and Selim Algar
November 11, 2016 | 12:24am | Updated

Avenues: The World School told teachers to be "calm" and "objective" following Donald Trump's win in the presidential election. Photo: AP; Christian Johnston

Administrators at some of the city’s top private and public schools have been scrambling to comfort the coddled kids of the Manhattan elite ever since Donald Trump’s stunning victory. :D

Staffers sent out letters to reassure parents and kids that emergency counseling is available — with one school reminding them that “love will prevail.” :rolleyes:

While such measures are usually reserved for natural disasters or violent traumas, principals and deans apparently found the notion of a President Trump sufficiently catastrophic.

At Beacon School, a public high school on West 44th Street, students were so crushed that the school blocked off time to help them digest the electoral results.

“With current events eliciting emotional responses among our students, The Beacon School faculty has decided to dedicate time and space for our community to process,” said an email sent to parents.

The school allocated three periods to assist those in need — and offered the services of four counselors for those requiring additional reassurance.

At the Avenues: The World School in Chelsea, attended by Tom Cruise and coalburner Katie Holmes’ daughter, Suri, principal Hamilton Clark said teachers were urged to remain “calm” and “objective.”

His letter Wednesday also shepherded bewildered parents to a Huffington Post article titled “What Do We Tell the Children” in order to help them explain Tuesday’s results.

“Our students brought a great deal of emotion, anxiety and strong feelings into the building with them this morning that we made every effort to acknowledge and respect,” Clark said.

Emotions were also a mess at the Little Red School House in Greenwich Village, glitzy educator to the kids of such stars as supermodel Christy Turlington.

“This week’s election results have hit many of us hard,” read an email to parents. “So, let’s gather and talk about the kids’ feelings and our feelings. Regardless of who you voted for, we as a country have work to do.”

Hoping to ease the mass despondency, the healing message asserted that “love will prevail.”

This letter was sent to the parents of students at Avenues: The World School the day after the election:

November 9, 2016
Dear Avenues Families,

Today was a very challenging day at school after a long and historic election night. Like you, a lot of us were up late last night and many of us here, along with most of the pollsters, were surprised :eek: with the election results. Our faculty, including a number who were at the Javits Center and were incredibly disappointed :p as they learned how the night was going for their candidate, had to put their game face on and come to school this morning ready for their students.

I think you would have been proud of your division heads today. They, along with a number of faculty, did a lot of listening and counseling and urged their teachers to do their best to be calm and objective, to listen to their students worries and concerns and to work to help them understand and support our democratic process. We certainly have constituents on both sides of the electoral spectrum here, but at Avenues we believe in our values of welcome, safety, and respect, and we all worked to model these values to your children today. Our students brought a great deal of emotion, anxiety and strong feelings into the building with them this morning that we made every effort to acknowledge and respect.

Perhaps the best comment I saw today was on Twitter and addressed to all grownups. It read, “Your presence is vital today in the lives of children. Show them what love looks like.” We did our best with that today and know you will continue to at home tonight. Another helpful piece I saw today was on how to counsel your children about the election results. This came from a Huffington Post piece entitled “What Do We Tell The Children” that suggests ways we can properly model the appropriate behavior for our children.

Our teachers and administrators will continue to make themselves available to your children in the days to come and we will all give our best effort to provide them with the safe and stable environment they need.

Ham Clark

The Bobster
11-11-2016, 10:29 AM

Chaos in Portland as police declare anti-Trump protest a ‘riot’
By Associated Press
November 11, 2016 | 1:18am | Updated

Police detain a protester in Portland, Oregon. Photo: Reuters

A protest turned riot against the election of Donald Trump in downtown Portland escalated late Thursday when officers began pushing the crowd back, arresting people and using flash bangs and some kind of gas to disperse other protesters.

Portland Police on Twitter called the protest an unlawful assembly, saying protesters were throwing objects at police.

After several orders to disperse, police said officers used “less lethal munitions” in order to make arrests and move the crowd. Police, who had said about 4,000 people were participating in demonstrations earlier in the night, estimated about 1,500 people were still marching as of 11 p.m. By midnight, crowds were splintering off, police said.

Police declared the protest a riot after what they called extensive criminal and dangerous behavior.

Some protesters used rocks and baseball bats to smash the windows of businesses and at one point started a dumpster fire as they moved through the city’s Pearl District, a showcase neighborhood and site of many boutiques and art galleries.

At 10 p.m. Thursday, police told protesters who had not returned to Pioneer Courthouse Square that they were under arrest. Police had previously told people who wanted to continue peacefully demonstrating to head back to the square. Media outlets showed at least one woman who appeared handcuffed walking away with officers while other protesters appeared to scatter.

A crowd soon after continued marching through the streets.

Earlier in the night, some protesters caused significant damage to vehicles at a car dealership, police said. Another video showed an altercation after a woman threw laundry detergent at protesters.

Police were advising that, if arrested, people could face a felony riot charge.

The Bobster
11-11-2016, 05:22 PM

Assassination threats against Trump flood Twitter
By Joshua Rhett Miller
November 11, 2016 | 11:07am | Updated

A man tries to remove "Kill Trump" graffiti as demonstrators riot in Oakland, Calif., following the election of Donald Trump as president. Photo: Reuters

The shock and anger over Donald Trump’s ascension to the White House has triggered a flood of calls on Twitter and other social media outlets for the president-elect to be assassinated — and authorities will investigate all threats deemed to be credible, The Post has learned.

Trump met Thursday with President Obama in the Oval Office, with the Republican businessman calling the hour-plus session a “great honor.” Obama said they had an “excellent” and “wide-ranging” conversation, while urging all people to “now come together.”

But that message of inclusion was apparently lost in social media circles, particularly Twitter, where a simple search can reveal dozens and dozens of calls to gun down the next leader of the free world. Some posts called for both Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence to be assassinated, and there’s even an #AssassinateTrump hashtag.

“Trump chose the literal worst case scenario as VP so nobody would try to impeach or assassinate him,” one user posted on Twitter.

Another user wrote that the “only” remaining question after Tuesday’s historic and polarizing election is who will “assassinate” Trump, who will be inaugurated on Jan. 20. Some users even cited that date as a deadline for the assassination.

Other postings called for users who used the inflammatory hashtag to be contacted by authorities.

Nicole Mainor, a spokesperson for the Secret Service, declined to comment on the posts directly, citing agency policy.

“The Secret Service does not provide information regarding protective services,” Mainor said.

But a security source told The Post that the Secret Service would investigate all social media postings containing credible threats, adding that there’s a difference between someone saying they’re planning to kill the president and suggesting that someone else should attempt an assassination. Generally, indirect threats are not prosecuted, according to the source, and investigators will “prioritize” them before determining their credibility.

FBI officials declined comment, referring inquiries to the Secret Service.

On Saturday, Trump was rushed off a stage in Reno, Nevada, where Secret Service agents took action after an “unidentified individual shouted ‘gun’” in front of the stage. Authorities later took a man, Austyn Crites, into custody, but did not find a gun, the Secret Service said in a statement, according to the Washington Post.

The 33-year-old Crites said the incident will change the rest of his life, he told the Reno-Gazette Journal.

“To what extent, that’s still yet to be seen, but I’m very cognizant that there is going to be a portion of the US population that is going to doubt my true intentions no matter what I say,” he told the newspaper. “No matter what background I have, there will always be people who feel that I’m a sellout or something like this.”

Crites, who was holding a “Republicans against Trump” sign at the rally, was released following the incident. He said the subsequent media coverage, including reports accusing the registered Republican of attempting to kill Trump, has been challenging.

“That is an extremely reckless title to put on somebody who loves the nation and would never do anything like that, would never even think of doing anything like this,” Crites said.

The Bobster
11-11-2016, 05:25 PM

Grubhub CEO backtracks after asking Trump supporters to quit
By Associated Press
November 11, 2016 | 10:44am

Matt Maloney, CEO of Grubhub
Photo: Getty Images

CHICAGO — The co-founder of food delivery service Grubhub sent an email to all his employees suggesting that supporters of President-elect Donald Trump should resign, then issued a statement saying he welcomes all employees, regardless of their political beliefs.

CEO Matt Maloney’s email Wednesday said he rejects Trump’s “nationalist, anti-immigrant and hateful politics” and that anyone who disagrees should immediately resign “because you have no place here.”

In a tweet Thursday that was later deleted, Maloney said: “Grubhub does not tolerate hate and we are proud of all our employees — even those who voted for Trump.”

Maloney later issued a statement saying his email advocated for inclusion and tolerance and that Grubhub doesn’t discriminate based on political beliefs.

Chicago-based Grubhub connects online customers with takeout restaurants in the U.S. and London.

The Bobster
11-12-2016, 06:16 AM

Lena Dunham breaks her election promise
By Natalie O'Neill
November 11, 2016 | 3:54pm

Ugly kikess Lena Dunham
Photo: Reuters

Lena Dunham promised she’d move to Canada if Donald Trump became president — but she backed out of the pledge on social media Friday. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

The “Girls” actress swore in April there was “100 percent chance” she’d flee to the land of maple syrup, hockey and Nickelback if The Donald was elected.

“I love Canada. I think that it’s a great place, and there’s an area in Vancouver that I find beautiful and appealing, and I can conduct business from there,” she said at the 2016 Matrix Awards.

But when critics asked on social media when she planned to pack her bags, she copped out Friday.

“For those demanding I move to Canada based on something I said when this man seemed like a steak salesman with a long shot at the presidency: stay busy reveling in your new regime,” she posted on Instagram, along with an image from the Dr. Seuss children’s book “Oh, the Places You’ll Go.“

“I will go many places in my lifetime, surrounded by kindreds on a mission to spread justice and light,” she wrote.

“I can’t wait for all of this, and for the change to come, as we use what we’ve been given to protect those who can’t protect themselves. What are you living for?” she added.

Actress Amy Schumer also claimed on Instagram earlier this week that her promise to “move to Spain or somewhere” if Trump was elected was just a joke. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Cher — who vowed to leave the planet if Trump won — hasn’t said yet whether she plans to fire up a rocket ship.

The Bobster
11-12-2016, 04:24 PM

Cops search for man suspected of choking Trump supporter
By Tina Moore and Kenneth Garger
November 12, 2016 | 12:57pm

A man wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap suffered for his political views when he was choked on a Bronx-bound subway train.

The 24-year-old man boarded a Bronx-bound 5 express in Union Square on Friday afternoon. His assailant :mad: sat next to him for most of the trip, and moved to an opposite seat as the train emptied out.

From his side of the car, the suspect :mad: saw the victim’s red MAGA hat.

“Are you a Trump supporter?” he asked.

“Yes,” the man answered.

“Oh great — another white Trump supporter,” the suspect said, according to police.

He then wrapped his hand around the neck of the hat-wearing fan of the president-elect, said cops.

The struggle ended at the 138th Street-Grand Concourse station in Mott Haven, when both men left the train. The suspect :mad: took off, and the victim contacted cops.

The Trump supporter was not seriously hurt. The suspect is described as in his 30s. :mad:

The Bobster
11-15-2016, 05:41 PM

Trump backers vow to boycott Pepsi over remarks AA Punjab CEO never made
By Jackie Salo
November 15, 2016 | 8:00pm | Updated

Indra Nooyi
Photo: Getty Images

Donald Trump supporters are calling for a boycott of PepsiCo over fake comments circulating the Internet from the CEO.

Angry supporters have flooded Twitter alleging the PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi told them, “We don’t want your business” — remarks that she never made.

But Nooyi did make clear that her employees were upset about Trump’s win while at an appearance on Thursday at the New York Times DealBook conference.

“I had to answer a lot of questions from my daughters, from our employees,” Nooyi said. “They were all in mourning. All of our employees were all crying.”

Acknowledging she was a Hillary Clinton supporter :mad:, Nooyi said she needed a box of tissues the day after the election, but congratulated Trump on his win.

“We should mourn for those of us who supported the other side, but we have to come together,” she said.

Supporters of the president-elect attacked her remarks on YouTube videos of the event.

“Indra Nooyi just made a multi-million dollar mistake! I for one will be boycotting Pepsi products until she resigns,” wrote one user in the video’s comments section.

PepsiCo is one of a handful of company under fire from Trump fans. Last week, GrubHub’s CEO angered supporters after he sent an email to suggesting employees resign if they support the president-elect’s rhetoric.

“Sorry everybody. We can’t buy @Pepsi products anymore either,” right-wing commentator Stefan Molyneux tweeted.

PepsiCo did not respond to requests for comment.