View Full Version : Canada: (Black) Mint employee guilty of smuggling $165K of gold in rectum

09-22-2016, 07:01 AM
A buttload of gold stolen from mint? I've got questions

Well, we’ve all seen government workers with their head up their ass, but sheesh....
A Royal Canadian Mint worker is accused of smuggling $180,000 worth of gold in his rectum.
OK, folks, relax. Breathe deep. Unclench.
Or as my doctor, the legendary Bernie “Big Finger” Gosevitz, is wont to say, “You can stop whimpering now, Mike.”
The mint worker, Leston Lawrence, 35, stood trial this week on theft and other charges. He’s accused of sitting on a gold mine.
Evidence includes a vial of Vaseline in his locker at the Crown corporation.
Lawrence, whose job included testing the purity of gold coins, is from the Ottawa suburb of Barrhaven. Yes, Barrhaven.