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11-04-2016, 02:10 PM

NYPD sergeant dead, 2nd wounded in Bronx shooting


VAN NEST, Bronx (WABC) --
One of the two NYPD sergeants wounded in a police-involved shooting in the Bronx has died, the mayor's office confirmed Friday.

The incident happened on Noble Avenue at Bronx River Avenue in the Van Nest section.

The sergeant who died was reportedly shot point blank as he approached the suspect, who was killed in the gun battle.

The victims were rushed to Jacobi Medical Center, where the sergeant was pronounced dead. The second sergeant is not believed to have life-threatening injuries.

The circumstances of the actual shooting are unknown.

The NYPD has recovered video surveillance from the shooting location that is said to have captured the entire incident. Police say the suspect has a connection to a woman who lives at the robbery house, and that he was harassing and possibly attempting to rob her.

Authorities say a home invasion was reported about four blocks from the shooting scene, and officers assigned to the 43rd Precinct responded. The suspect had reportedly already left the home when police encountered him and attempted to make the traffic stop.

There was some sort of accident involved, with the police vehicle on the sidewalk and what appears to be the suspect's vehicle crashed into some construction equipment.

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Manuel Rosales: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
Published 6:21 pm EDT, November 4, 2016

A 40-year-old NYPD sergeant was shot dead by Manuel Rosales in the Bronx on the afternoon of November 4. In the ensuing gunfight, Rosales , 35,was also killed. Another officer at the scene was wounded and is being treated at Jacobi Hospital. The medical center has been flooded with officers and city officials coming to pay their respects to the slain cop, named as Sgt. Paul Tuozzolo, 41. His partner is Sgt. Emmanuel Kwo, 30, who is in stable condition at Jacobi Hospital after being shot multiple times in the leg.

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NYPD cop shot and killed responding to home invasion
By Larry Celona, Tina Moore and Jamie Schram
November 4, 2016 | 3:18pm | Updated


An NYPD sergeant was fatally shot in the head and another sergeant badly wounded in a Wild West-style shootout in The Bronx on Friday afternoon, law -enforcement sources said.

Sgt. Paul Tuozzolo a 41-year-old married father of two, died without getting a shot off after he and several other officers chased the suspect down about 2:45 p.m.

The wounded officers and other cops were responding to a report of an armed home invasion at the time.

The perp died in the shootout. :D

Manuel Rosales
Photo: AP

Sources said the shooting took place after cops spotted the suspect’s red Jeep near 1460 Beach Ave. in a residential neighborhood in the Van Nest section.

They chased the perp several blocks to 1575 Noble Ave., next to the Noble Playground, where they boxed in his Jeep.

The suspect, Manuel Rosales, 35, of Brentwood in Suffolk County, got out of his car and stood on the sidewalk, and when Tuozzolo left his vehicle, the perp opened fire without warning and shot the 18-year NYPD veteran twice — once in the head and again in the upper torso.

The sergeant’s partner and an officer in another car then fired and fatally shot Rosales in a gunfight captured on video, sources said.

One unidentified officer assumed a combat stance and started shooting, the video showed.

“It’s pretty heroic, he’s under fire and returning fire. Who knows how many lives he saved by killing this guy?” a law-enforcement source told The Post.

A cop who worked with Tuozzolo called the dead sergeant “a stand-up guy, someone you would want on your side and as a partner.

“The NYPD lost a good one today,” the source added of Tuozzolo, who lived on Long Island.

The other wounded officer, Sgt. Emmanual Kwo, 30, and a nine-year NYPD vet, was shot multiple times in the right leg and was in serious condition.

Sources said that before the shootout, the mother of Rosales’ child called 911 after he had held her hostage for nearly four hours in her apartment blocks from where the shootout occurred.

The unidentified woman described his jeep, enabling cops to find him.

Contacted at her home, the shaken woman declined comment.

“I can’t talk,” she told The Post.

Both officers were rushed to Jacobi Hospital, where the blood bank was notified that they could need transfusions.

Tuozzolo’s family arrived at the hospital in an NYPD helicopter shortly before 5 p.m.

Mayor de Blasio and NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill also rushed to Jacobi, where they were joined by other department brass.

Gov. Cuomo issued a statement praising the cops as heroes.

“Every day, the brave men and women of law enforcement selflessly serve our communities to keep the rest of us safe. Today, a sergeant in the New York City Police Department has made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty, and another officer is undergoing treatment,” Cuomo said.

“My deepest sympathies are with the families of the officers involved in today’s tragedy in the Bronx, and with Commissioner O’Neill and the NYPD as they cope with the loss of one of their own.

Rosalses had prior minor offenses in both North Carolina and South Carolina — for littering and traffic violations.


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NYPD Sergeant Shot Dead, Another Wounded In The Bronx After Responding To Home Invasion
Suspect Shot And Killed When Another Officer, Trainee Open Fire November 4, 2016 11:08 PM

NYPD Sgt. Paul Tuozzolo was shot and killed in the line of duty in the Bronx on Friday, Nov. 4, 2016. (Credit: NYPD)

NYPD Sgt. Emmanuel Kwo was wounded in a shooting on Friday, Nov. 4, 2016 in the Bronx. Sgt. Paul Tuozzolo was killed in the shooting. (Credit: NYPD)

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Injured NYPD sergeant released from hospital after deadly gunfight
By Kenneth Garger
November 5, 2016 | 11:28am | Updated

The tough-as-nails sergeant wounded in the gunfight with an ex-con in the Bronx that left another officer dead has been released from the hospital, officials said.

Emmanuel Kwo

Sgt. Emmanuel Kwo, 30, is recovering at his East Harlem apartment less than 24 hours after being shot in the right leg multiple times during a shootout with cop killer Manuel Rosales.

The nine-year NYPD veteran left Jacobi Hospital late last night.

Hours earlier Kwo, Sgt. Paul Tuozzolo and several other officers approached Rosales inside his red Jeep at 1575 Noble Avenue in the Van Nest section.

The officers had been responding to a report of an armed home invasion by Rosales at the home of his estranged wife.

They spotted his vehicle nearby at 1460 Beach Avenue and eventually boxed Morales in next to the Noble Playground about 2:45 p.m.

Morales, of Brentwood, LI, opened fire once Tuozzolo left his police vehicle, fatally striking him in the head and the chest.

During the ensuing shootout that left Morales dead, Kwo was struck by several bullets.

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Trump calls slain cop’s widow to offer condolences (http://nypost.com/2016/11/10/trump-calls-slain-cops-widow-to-offer-condolences/)

President-elect Donald Trump called slain NYPD Sgt. Paul Tuozzolo’s widow Thursday morning and personally extended his “condolences” to her on the day that thousands of police officers paid tribute to the fallen Finest at his funeral (http://nypost.com/2016/11/10/slain-cop-remembered-as-american-hero-at-funeral/).