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06-04-2015, 02:35 PM

Third suspect in Biddeford killing arrested
Charles Rabine killed in March 2013
UPDATED 3:37 PM EDT Jun 04, 2015


PORTLAND, Maine —The third suspect wanted in connection with the killing of a Biddeford man more than two years ago is in custody, according to Maine State Police.

Mohamud Mohamed turned himself in Thursday afternoon at the Cumberland County Courthouse, police said.

Mohamed, who was accompanied by his attorney, was then that to the Cumberland County Jail by state police detectives.

Mohamed was wanted on a murder charge for the shooting death of Charles Raybine in Biddeford in March of 2013.

Two other men, John Lopez and Bub Peter Nquany, were already in custody in connection with the investigation.


Bub Peter Nguany pleaded not guilty in York County Superior Court in Alfred on Friday to murdering Charles Raybine in Biddeford on March 26.



20 year old John Lopez was arrested Tuesday in Old Orchard Beach and charged in the murder of Charles Raybine, who was found shot to death in his car in Biddeford in March of 2013.

Police had earlier arrested 25 year old Bub Peter Nquany in connection with what is described as a drug-related murder.


In Loving Memory of Charles Raybine Jr.
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Three men enter guilty pleas in 2013 murder case
12:29 AM. EST November 05, 2016

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PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Three men pleaded guilty Friday in connection with the murder of a man from Biddeford in 2013.

The men were expected to stand trial next week for the murder of Charles Raybine, who was gunned down as he sat inside a car. The last man to change his plea in the case appeared in a Portland courtroom Friday.

“I just want my husband to maybe rest in peace now," said Lori Raybine, the victim's widow.

John Lopez pleaded guilty to a charge of felony murder Friday. Earlier this week, Bub Peter Nguany pleaded guilty to murder and conspiracy. Mohamud Mohamed pleaded guilty in the case to a charge of conspiracy.

Charles Raybine was shot several times outside the Parish Place Apartments in Biddeford. Investigators said the shooting occurred during a drug-related robbery. Raybine’s widow said her husband made mistakes, but evidence in the case would show the three men arrested targeted the wrong person.

“He was murdered for a case of mistaken identity," she said. "He didn’t do anything for the retaliation that happened. Nobody deserves to die that way."

Investigators said Nguany was the gunman in this case. He is expected to be sentenced in December.

Lopez is expected to be sentenced in January.

Mohamed has already been given a term of three years in prison.