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09-08-2016, 02:28 PM

Teen arrested in Riverside bicycle shop employee attack
Police: Surveillance captures attacker wearing Grand Park Center uniform
Updated: 4:46 PM, September 08, 2016


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A 15-year-old was arrested Thursday after a woman working at a bicycle shop in Riverside was attacked Wednesday morning, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.

Patrick Christopher Mack, 15, is charged with aggravated battery and grand theft of a bicycle.

Police said a Mack rode up on a bicycle to City Cycle on Park Street about 10 a.m. Wednesday and asked the store's manager for help with a flat tire.

She helped the teen but told police that "he was acting suspicious" and "she walked back behind the counter, and armed herself with pepper spray, but eventually set it down," the incident report said.

Moments later, police said, Mack sprayed the woman with the pepper spray and tried to steal a bicycle. The woman stopped him from leaving with the bike but before he ran off, Mack "then struck her on the forehead with a chair," the arrest report said.

Patrick Graham, a regular customer at City Cycle, said he showed up at the store, found the door locked and called 911.

"Nobody showed up. So I looked inside, I see the store manager ... crawling on the floor in the back. (She) had blood on her arm. So I started pounding on the windows, trying to get her attention. Finally, (she) was able to make it over. In the meantime, I had already called police and rescue," Graham said.




10-23-2016, 05:42 AM

Father feels 'completely helpless' after daughter attacked at Riverside bicycle shop
Patrick Mack, 15, arrested on charges of aggravated battery, grand theft of bike
Updated: 6:55 PM, September 09, 2016

http://media.news4jax.com/photo/2016/09/09/Family%20of%20woman%20attacked%20at%20bike%20shop% 20speaks20160909221908_7960752_ver1.0_640_360.jpg

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The 40-year-old manager of a Riverside bicycle shop who was attacked Wednesday morning might have to undergo surgery after receiving several stitches on her face, her father told News4Jax on Friday.

But Randolph Gould said the emotional injuries to his daughter, Alice Gould, will last a lifetime.


Teen accused of attacking bicycle shop employee to be charged as adult
Patrick Mack Jr., 15, is charged with aggravated battery, stong arm robbery
By News4Jax.com Staff
Posted: 4:06 PM, October 21, 2016
Updated: 4:16 PM, October 21, 2016

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A 15-year-old boy arrested in an attack on a Riverside bicycle shop employee last month is being charged as an adult, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.

Patrick Christopher Mack Jr. faces charges of aggravated battery and strong-arm robbery.