View Full Version : Muslims Spray Paint San Antonio Church With Anti-Trump and Terrorist Messages “Islam or Die…”

Captain Pancakes
10-17-2016, 04:12 PM

That’s the message that was spray painted loud and clear on the San Antonio church entrance, in Dallas.

Now police are investigating the nasty message left behind by the vandals. Along with the message there is also an unidentified symbol right below the words.

The pastor of the church building said he is uncertain of whether or not the message has a direct correlation with ‘the wall’ Donald Trump has been talking about in his promise to concerned Americans.

…but the ‘writings on the wall’ make it pretty clear right?


Seems clear to me.

The wall is meant to create a barrier to keep both illegal immigrant criminals out and ISIS from sneaking into the country undetected. As we have heard Donald Trump say before, if you have no border you have no country…so we need to mark that border right?

Now, obviously we cannot be sure if the vandals are a bunch of punk kids being a just that…punks. Or if the message is one from a very angry people who truly believe we need to pick Islam or we need to die.

That’s a problem. It leaves behind a confusion that can easily turn into paranoia for the people near to this disturbance.

This is the garbage that has me fuming at Obama even more these days. Everything has become so chaotic because of his lack in ability to lead. He has allowed through his ‘leading from behind’ methods, our country to grow weak.

I do not believe we have ever been in such a muck as we are now after 8 years of the Obamas in the White House. They have fixed nothing, and broken everything.

Come November we have to create change that is much needed. We have to keep that woman out of the White House. If we can have any hope for the future of this country, she must keep out.