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The Bobster
10-13-2016, 05:42 PM

Chelsea bomb suspect pleads not guilty to attempted murder of cops
By Reuven Fenton
October 13, 2016 | 2:53pm

Ahmad Khan Rahimi (on hospital bed) appears via video in court. Photo: Reuters

Accused Chelsea bomber Ahmad Khan Rahami pleaded not guilty in New Jersey on Thursday to the attempted murder of five cops who’d rushed to capture him last month on a Linden street.

Rahami, who was wounded during the shootout with cops, appeared via video hookup in an Elizabeth courtroom, with only his bushy-bearded face visible as he lay under a blanket in a hospital bed. His lawyers were at his side wearing yellow scrubs.

Uniformed and plainclothes cops and their family members filled the courtroom’s front rows. They included Linden Police Officer Angel Padilla, who was hit by a bullet that was stopped by his bulletproof vest during the Sept. 19 confrontation.

Judge Regina Caulfield set bail at $5.2 million.

Rahami, who was shot several times during the arrest, answered “yes” to a series of routine questions, acknowledging that he could hear the judge and had received a copy of the criminal complaint.

His court-appointed defense lawyers did not reveal when he’ll be released from the hospital; he has yet to be charged in Manhattan for the Sept. 17 Chelsea bombing.

News of Rahami’s arraignment pleased bar owner Harinder Bains, who was the one to call cops after finding Rahami sleeping in the vestibule of his Merdie’s Tavern on East Elizabeth Avenue.

Bains had recognized the sleeping suspect from television news accounts of the manhunt, and called Linden police. He hid inside during the ensuing gunfight.

“I”m happy. That’s what I wanted, to see all the charges being filed, to see justice being served,” he said at the tavern later Thursday.

“I think there should be no bail at all though,” he added.

“There’s no point in giving him any opportunity to be free, even with the bail being set so high. I never want to see him on the streets again.

“There should be some provision in the law that offers no bail at all for these kinds of crimes,” he said.

Lately: “I’m going good,” he said.

“I’ve been getting thank you letters from all over the country. People have been sending me postcards from Texas, from Ohio, Massachusetts, Virginia. It’s really touching that people are still sending me cards.”