View Full Version : New York City - Bum caught masturbating in broad daylight next to Wi-Fi kiosk

The Bobster
09-11-2016, 06:50 PM

Bum caught masturbating in broad daylight next to Wi-Fi kiosk
By Priscilla DeGregory and Sophia Rosenbaum
September 11, 2016 | 4:54pm

This homeless man brought the wrong kind of jack to one of the city’s new Internet-enabled charging stations.

A Murray Hill resident was horrified when she witnessed a vagrant masturbating outside a charging station on Third Avenue and 31st Street while walking her dog Sunday morning.

“I have noticed this kind of thing at charging stations, before, but just not this incredibly out in the open at a time when people were out,” Stephanie Pedersen posted on a neighborhood Facebook group.

She rushed her dog back home and returned to the corner to take a few photos of the man, who she described as “enthusiastically humping” the charging station.

The barefoot pervert was wearing a light blue t-shirt along with a long black plastic vest he fashioned out of a tarp — but he didn’t use his layered outfit to hide his private parts.

One photo shows the bum sitting on a bucket, leaning back with a grin on his face as he fondles his genitals with the screen from the charging station lit up in front of him.

“Police operator said there was nothing they could do unless it was actually happening (when police got there) and unless I wanted to file a police report,” Pedersen griped as she asked fellow community members if there was anything she could do.

Another resident chimed in that she saw a different creep doing the same thing at a children’s playground last week, but her call to 911 didn’t result in any actions to prevent it from happening.

In fact, the police didn’t show up at all.

“There was like 15 moms with their kids and I kept telling that to the 911 operator, but apparently was not worth fast reaction,” the woman wrote.

Crude incidents like the one Pedersen was exposed to Sunday are common in the area, Murray Hill residents told The Post.

“One morning I was getting up for work early and I looked out the window because I heard people screaming and then I saw them drinking out of the bottle and grinding each other,” 23-year-old Jackie Rosenberg said.

Horny homeless men have been plaguing the charging stations, which are converted phone booths that offer free high-speed Internet, since they debuted in January.

LinkNYC, the company that manages the Internet pods, told The Post in June that it regulates the stations with the same monitoring system that many of the nation’s public schools and libraries use.

They also added an “additional filter for image searches” earlier in the summer to prevent people from inappropriately searching for porn.