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The Bobster
09-11-2016, 07:39 PM

My millionaire boss only paid me four dollars an hour
By Julia Marsh
September 11, 2016 | 10:25pm

A hedge-fund manager who worked for billionaire George Soros paid a nanny a measly $4.16 an hour while forcing her to sleep on the floor of his luxury Fifth Avenue pad, a lawsuit charges.

Millionaire financier Darren Davy, along with wife Asmaa, also subjected Angela Maria Puerta to a hostile work environment while employing her to care for their two children — with the wife calling her a “narco trafficker” who was “born to clean floors,” according to the suit, filed in Manhattan federal court by the nanny.

“While the defendants indulgently enjoyed an opulent lifestyle that is available only for New York’s ultra rich, [the nanny] slaved away 18 hours a day without respite, and . . . her days and nights were punctuated by a pervasive stream of ethnic slurs that were inflicted upon her by Ms. Davy,” Puerta’s lawyer, Mark Rapaport, told The Post, citing court papers.

Puerta, a Colombian immigrant living in Queens, was hired two years ago, her suit says.

She claims she worked 127 hours a week taking care of the kids, cleaning the family’s Manhattan and upstate homes, and running errands. Her pay worked out to less than half the state’s $9 minimum wage, she says.

“The endless work hours were so long and extreme, [Puerta] frequently had to forgo showers and suffered from fatigue,” the court papers say, calling her schedule “tantamount to servitude.”

Puerta had no space of her own at the family’s Manhattan apartment and was given only a cushion to sleep on in the bedroom of the 1-year-old boy, her suit says.

The Davys monitored her with a nanny cam 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the suit says.

Puerta claims Asmaa Davy constantly berated her, calling her “a stupid piece of s- -t,” “trash’’ and “vomit” among other insults.

Puerta, an observant Catholic, also says in the court papers that the couple refused to give her time off on Christmas and Easter to attend services.

The Davys put Angela Maria Puerta’s belongings in plastic bags.

The Davys “insisted that [Puerta] spend Christmas, Easter and other holidays in a state of around-the-clock servitude,” the suit says.

The Davys fired Puerta in July when she asked to leave their lakefront estate upstate to get medical treatment for stomach problems, the suit says.

Immediately afterward, the Davys put her belongings in plastic bags and told her to take a bus back to the city, court papers say.

Darren Davy left Soros in 2003 to start Davy Capital Management. In 2008, he sold his Trump Place condo for $14.3 million.

A lawyer for the couple did not immediately return a request for comment.