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The Bobster
09-12-2016, 02:51 PM

Steelers RB Defends 75 Cent Tip For 'Poor' Waitress Service
The NFL star said it was his right to leave a minuscule tip for what he described as poor service
By Eric L. Hinton
Published 4 hours ago

File photo of DeAngelo Williams #34 of the Pittsburgh Steelers

DeAngelo Williams may run for a living, but he's not running from his "tip-gate" controversy.

The Pittsburgh Steeler is defending his right to leave a 75-cent tip during a recent restaurant outing because of what he described on Twitter as shoddy service.

Williams signed a two-year, $4 million contract in 2015 that included a signing bonus of $1.13 million.

But, he said his hefty salary is besides the point. :rolleyes:

"She never asked for refills and took a dish back removed what was on it and left a shrimp tail in my salad," Williams wrote on Twitter in response to a member of the restaurant staff calling him out on social media. "Then she would have to pick her face up and work harder on the other tables and not expect a big tip for bad service."

This controversy aside, Williams is one of the more vocal NFL players in regards to Breast Cancer Awareness month. During the month of October the league encourages players, coaches and NFL staff to wear pink on game days to bring attention to the disease. Williams is known for his hair interspersed with pink dreadlocks which he wears both during the NFL season and throughout the year.

Williams mother died of the disease in 2014.

The NFL player was fined $5,757 by the NFL last year for wearing eye black featuring "We will find a cure" and the breast cancer ribbon during breast cancer awareness month.