View Full Version : Man with MS-13 ties, accused of killing 18-year-old, deported twice

09-10-2016, 01:00 AM
Wetback with MS-13 ties, accused of killing 18-year-old, deported twice (http://wjla.com/news/crime/man-with-ms-13-ties-accused-of-killing-18-year-old-deported-twice)
GAITHERSBURG, Md. (ABC7) — A man with ties to the MS-13 gang and accused of killing an 18-year-old was deported twice before the killing, sources tell us.

In June, Cristian Villagran-Morales was killed after being lured to a park to have sex with a woman. Once in the woods, Villagran-Morales was ambushed and stabbed more than forty times.

"This was a vicious attack with knives and premeditated. He was lured for the purpose of killing him,” Montgomery County State’s Attorney John McCarthy remarked.

On Wednesday, Montgomery County Police caught the alleged murder ring-leader, Oscar Delgado-Perez, 28, at the Red Roof Inn motel along Shady Grove Road in Rockville. The once bald Delgardo-Perez had changed his look, growing hair on his head and face.

During the arrest, Delgado-Perez said he was MS-13, and just about to skip town, but decided to get drunk the morning officers caught him.

"He has clearly been deported before, we have that documentation,” McCarthy remarked about the El-Salvadorian native.

Federal sources say MS-13 was responsible for 22 murders in the DC-Capital Region in 2015.

"They must be made to serve their time, the idea that you can take someone accused of a serious crime, allow them to basically agree voluntarily to leave the country, does not stop them from coming back again,”
Illegal immigrant deported twice charged with stabbing teen 40 times (http://www.fox32chicago.com/news/dont-miss/204341822-story)