View Full Version : Negro sex offender arrested at Brooks High School

Captain Pancakes
08-28-2016, 07:15 AM

The Lauderdale County Sheriff Office has charged a convicted sex offender for failing to register his employment and accepting a job on school property.

According to Lauderdale County Chief Deputy Richard Richey, Corey Dorsey, was arrested Thursday at Brooks High School and charged with not following sex offender employment restrictions and failure to register employment as a sex offender.

Richey said on Thursday, Brooks High School School Resource Officer Johnny Morrow was asked by the Brooks High School principal to check out a suspicious vehicle parked at the football field.

Dorsey told the officer he was working for a company that was hired by the Lauderdale County Board of Education to install lights at high school stadiums.

"Our school resource officer approached the individual [Dorsey] and asked probing questions, then decided to search his license plate and found out he was a sex offender," said Lauderdale County School Superintendent, Dr. Jennifer Gray.

Richey stated Dorsey told Morrow he had been staying in local motels in Lauderdale and Colbert County for the past month.

As a registered sex offender, Dorsey can't work within 2000 feet of school property. Richey said they don't believe Dorsey had any interaction with students while working on campus.

Gray also stated Dorsey was never around any students.

Richey said the company Dorsey worked for did know he was a sex offender but didn't know he was not allowed on school property.

Richey said Dorsey was originally convicted of 2 counts of sodomy in 2003 in Jefferson County.

Gray said she was very thankful for the school resource officer who used his training to look into Dorsey.

Richey said this is the first year that all Lauderdale County Schools have school resource officers on campus.

Dorsey was taken to the Lauderdale County Detention Center.