View Full Version : Former negro code officer pleads not guilty to extortion charge

Captain Pancakes
08-26-2016, 07:01 AM

BATON ROUGE - A former code enforcement officer and inspector has pleaded not guilty to a charge of extortion after officials say he tried to shake down a Baton Rouge business.

According to the arrest warrant, 29-year-old Jeremy Jamal Johnson went to Tammy's Nails and requested $3,000 to conduct an unplanned inspection. The warrant says he lowered the fee to $2,800 when business representatives questioned the inspection.

After being told the business didn't have that kind of money, Johnson allegedly threatened to shut it down unless he received $2,200 in cash. Authorities said he left the business without getting any money

Johnson was fired after his February arrest.

Johnson pleaded not guilty to an extortion count Tuesday before state District Judge Trudy White. His next court date is in December.