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New Book "Partners in Crime" Exposes Clinton Crime Family

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Written by Alex Newman

Partners in Crime: The Clintons’ Scheme to Monetize the White House for Personal Profit, by Dr. Jerome R. Corsi, Washington, D.C.: WND Books, 2016, 320 pages, hardcover.

By now, almost everybody, even Clinton supporters, realizes that the prominent political couple is a shady duo. But the reality is much, much worse than that. The Clinton family and its scandal-plagued “foundation” are basically a gigantic criminal enterprise through which the Clintons and their cronies enrich themselves, sell political favors, and sell out America — all while ripping off taxpayers in the United States and around the world. If participants in this “vast criminal conspiracy” are not brought to justice, the Clintons intend to expand their criminal operation and run it from the White House, putting all Americans at risk. So justice must be served — and it can be.

Those are the conclusions of the devastating new book by investigative journalist Dr. Jerome Corsi, Partners in Crime: The Clintons’ Scheme to Monetize the White House for Personal Profit. The book is neatly divided into 10 chapters, most of which focus in on one particular Clinton scam or fraud — at least the ones that occurred after reputed sexual predator Bill Clinton, who has apparently been enjoying himself with his wealthy fellow perverts at “Orgy Island” in recent years, left the White House. Those include the “Canada scam,” the “HIV/AIDS Scam,” the “State Department Scam,” the “Haiti Scam,” the “India Scam,” and the most recent scam, the “Hillary for President 2016 Scam.”

In each of these explosive chapters is more than enough evidence — much of it taken from “mainstream media” sources that have been extremely pro-Clinton — to convince even the most skeptical reader that the next stop for the Clinton crime family needs to be behind bars rather than at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Taken together, though, it becomes clear that the corruption of the Clintons goes beyond even what Americans would consider extreme for dictators in Banana Republics. It is enough to make one’s head spin. Basically, in broad daylight, the Clintons have been scamming humanity out of millions of dollars, fleecing taxpayers, creating a huge “slush fund for grifters,” and putting their countrymen at risk in the process — all while using the cover of “charity” and pushing an extreme left-wing, internationalist ideology.

“The Clintons have advanced a criminal scheme since leaving the White House in 2000 that has enabled them to amass hundreds of millions of dollars in personal net worth, while building a $2 billion empire in the Clinton Foundation and raising an additional $1 billion to fund their political campaigns,” Corsi says. “The victims are countless thousands of honest people who contributed their hard-earned money to what they thought were philanthropic causes, while the Clintons used the Clinton Foundation to exploit for their personal profit impoverished millions in the United States and around the world, victims of earthquakes in India and Haiti, and sufferers of HIV/AIDS in the Third World.” In all, the Clintons appear to have made close to one-quarter of a billion dollars on “speaking” fees, “consulting” jobs, and book deals — and that is just what is known publicly.

Corsi’s book meticulously documents how the Clinton family has been diverting foundation money — much of it extracted from taxpayers around the world — to subsidize and enable their luxurious billionaire lifestyle of private jets, limos, celebrities, and five-star resorts. He calls the foundation a “massive criminal fraud” that serves as a “private piggy bank for Clinton family members and their friends.” Specifically, Corsi outlines numerous instances of a crime known as “inurment,” where “charitable funds” are diverted to benefit either the Clintons themselves, or their top associates, such as Doug Band, Ira Magaziner, Cheryl Mills, and Huma Abedin.

There are so many examples of such schemes, it is hard to keep track of them all. And the evidence in the book likely only scratches the surface, with the Clintons having used shady tactics such as shell corporations in Delaware and “pass-through” bank accounts to conceal much of their scheming. Ironically, some of that information was revealed by Obama’s research team when he was running against Hillary in the 2008 presidential contest. Corsi and others suggest that the suspicious entities and transfers should have been a giant red flag to any auditors or regulators examining the books. It is also hard to keep track of the perpetually shifting corporate structures involved in the Clinton Foundation scam — something that, while interesting, becomes tedious to read considering its mind-numbing complexity. Clinton operations feel a lot like a shell game.

Building on the explosive revelations in another book exposing the Clinton political dynasty, Peter Schweizer’s Clinton Cash, Corsi’s work provides even more compelling information suggesting massive bribery schemes spanning the entire globe. Basically, if some billionaire or dangerous foreign government needed a political favor, they could just deposit “donations” in the Clinton Foundation, or pay obscene amounts of money for a “speech” or “consulting,” and get whatever they needed. “Favors” ranging from favorable regulatory treatment and access to important players to help from the State Department and legislation in Congress appear to have been doled out by the Clintons like candy, at least to those with the means to pay.

It might sound outrageous, but despite public appearances, after reading Corsi’s book, family no longer even feels like the right word to describe the Clinton criminal enterprise. Among many other sources exposing Clinton cited in the book, Corsi quotes Daniel Halper, author of the explosive 2014 book Clinton, Inc. Halper described the Clintons as “dueling CEOs of a multi-million dollar empire, Clinton, Inc.” And considering Bill Clinton’s well-known sexcapades and involvement with other women — including the multiple women who have accused him of sexual assault over the years — that certainly seems to be an accurate characterization.

Indeed, after reading Corsi’s book, it is hard to avoid the impression that the Clintons are not really a married couple in the sense that ordinary people think of it, but rather a team of psychopaths or sociopaths who have teamed up for mutual benefit in trying to satisfy their insatiable lust for wealth, power, and prestige. Considering the fact that one of them is once again within striking distance of the White House, the thought should send shivers down the spines of those who love America, the Constitution, and even common decency.

One of the sources that Corsi relied on heavily in the book is Wall Street analyst Charles Ortel, who conducted a comprehensive study of the Clinton Foundation’s financial reports. His analysis of the outfit’s public filings, along with the charts that are included in the book, are immensely helpful in trying to understand the enormity of the Clinton team’s corruption. “All years from 2001 onward when the Clinton Foundation operated are not audited as required, so it is difficult to be precise, but total Clinton Foundation fraud runs to hundreds of millions of dollars, with diversions for political purposes and personal enrichment likely to exceed $200 million,” Ortel is quoted as saying. The analyst also studied another phony “charity” the Clintons were involved with, known as the “American India Foundation,” which Ortel refers to as a “false front,” used to divert unknown sums of money and manufacture deductions for cronies.

Among the important Clinton cronies featured in Corsi’s book is Canadian mining magnate Frank Giustra, who funneled tens of millions of dollars or more into Clinton coffers while allowing the Clintons to jet around the world in fancy private jets he owned (many other “businessmen” did the same thing). While Giustra is just one heavyweight among many involved in the Clinton scams, his story is extremely alarming because of the national security implications. He understood the benefits of being involved with the Clintons. “All of my chips, almost, are on Bill Clinton,” Giustra is quoted as saying in the book. “He’s a brand, a worldwide brand, and he can do things and ask for things that no one else can.”

Giustra was not exaggerating, as his involvement with the Clinton crime family shows. To make a long and complex story short, Giustra took Bill Clinton with him on a trip to Kazakhstan on his private jet. The goal was simple: Get the nation’s oppressive ruler to allow Giustra to buy into three uranium projects controlled by the regime. It worked. On the other side of the world, Hillary Clinton was using her influence in Washington, D.C., to make sure there were no issues on the U.S. side. Once the deals were done, Giustra funneled massive amounts of money into Clinton, Inc. in the form of supposed “speaking fees” and “donations” to the foundation — tens of millions of dollars at a time.

The Giustra-Clinton shenanigans get even more outrageous, according to the book and the sources cited. Essentially, after acquiring the Kazakhstan investments and making a fortune in the proc*ess, the Kremlin’s Russian State Atomic Nuclear Agency began negotiations to buy into Giustra’s company, then known as Uranium One after a merger. By 2010, Uranium One had purchased so many uranium assets in the United States that it was on track to own more than half of all U.S. uranium output. Then, Bill Clinton went to Moscow, gave a $500,000 “speech” at a Kremlin-controlled bank, and suddenly, the relevant U.S. government agencies, including the Clinton-controlled State Department, were ready to approve the sale of those crucial uranium assets to Moscow. The national security and energy implications are massive.

On the subject of Canada and shady international deals, there are also some major scandals involving America’s neighbor to the north. In an apparent scheme to conceal the identity of various international mega-donors, the Clintons established another “foundation” in Canada. The excuse was that it was needed to secure a tax benefit for certain donors. However, investigations and reports cited in the book suggest that the claim of needing it for tax benefits was not true. Instead, it appears that establishing the Canadian outfit was an “elaborate scheme to hide both the identities of the Giustra-related donors and the facts of their contributions to the Clinton Foundation from the public,” Corsi reported in the book. It has also emerged that Clinton Foundation claims about Canadian law allegedly prohibiting disclosure of donors’ identities were false as well.

Aside from all the money flowing in from cronies, another troubling element of the saga is how taxpayers around the world were ripped off by the Clinton crime syndicate. One of the big transfers of taxpayer wealth to the Clintons came from an outfit known as UNITAID, a partnership between more than 30 national governments involving the United Nations and the UN World Health Organization. Under the guise of fighting HIV/AIDS, more than half of a billion dollars was funneled from the scheme into the Clinton Foundation’s coffers, the overwhelming majority of it coming from taxpayers around the world. Of that, it appears that at least $75 million was diverted, according to financial statements from the outfit and the Clintons. When the Indian pharmaceutical company that was working with the Clintons was confronted with concerns about defective medicines being peddled as part of the scheme, one of the firm’s executives was quoted as saying, “Who cares? It’s just blacks dying.” Eventually, Massachusetts shut down the Clinton HIV/AIDS scam in that state by revoking its authorization to do business there. But much remains to be done.

Perhaps the most troubling single section of the book is the “State Department Scam,” which outlines some of the ways in which the Clintons sold out America in exchange for “speaking fees” to Bill and “donations” to their family criminal enterprise. While occupying the secretary of state position, Hillary “used the office for Clinton family profit, continuing throughout her term to actively coordinate with Clinton Foundation principals.” The chapter documents, among other corruption, how the Clinton Foundation continued to accept foreign donations and six-figure “speaking fees” for Bill from foreigners — many of whom benefited from decisions made by the State Department — all during Hillary’s term leading the department. In total, Bill Clinton received almost $50 million in acknowledged “speaking fees” while Hillary was running Obama’s foreign policy, including almost $10 million donated by companies or governments that at that moment had pending matters before the State Department. Suddenly the illegal Libya war and so many other difficult-to-explain schemes make more sense.

The e-mail scandal also takes on a new twist here. “The e-mails Hillary received and sent on her private e-mail server while secretary of state demonstrate how she and her top aides, including Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin, maintained open lines of communication with the Clinton Foundation from the start,” Corsi continued, adding that the e-mails to foundation officials also apparently included classified information. All of this was in direct defiance of a “Memorandum of Understanding” Clinton signed as a condition of taking the Cabinet post. However, the document, which promised that the foundation would stop accepting foreign donations to avoid even the appearance of corruption, apparently was not legally binding.

The book is depressing beyond measure, because it shows that Americans are being robbed blind and sold out by common criminals who are flagrantly doing it all out in the open. There is good news, though. Partners in Crime concludes with a solution to the horror and a call to action, urging readers to contact their state attorneys general with complaints about the criminal scam that is the Clinton Foundation. And with the evidence compiled in the book — all of it meticulously documented in a massive bibliography — successful prosecutions for a wide range of crimes across a large number of jurisdictions should be a slam-dunk. The book even contains the contact information for America’s state attorneys general, along with instructions on how to file a complaint. All that is needed now is public awareness of the crimes to put pressure on officials, and a brave prosecutor or two willing to do their job and enforce the laws as written — even against one of the most powerful crime families in America.

That might be easier said than done, though. As longtime readers of this magazine know well, the Clintons are no strangers to serious crime and mega-scandal. The infamous Chinagate scandal, for example, involved the transfer of some of America’s most sensitive nuclear and military technology to the ruthless Communist Chinese dictatorship — all in exchange for illegal campaign contributions. Then there was Libyagate, Whitewatergate, Filegate, Fostergate, Travelgate, Troopergate, Lincoln Bedroomgate, Bimbogate, Pardongate, Wacogate, and more. Unfortunately the book only offers a brief review of some of the Clinton scandals of past decades, leaving a political novice in the dark about crucial information showing that the Clinton crime family has been at this for a very long time. So far, thanks in large part to their political connections and fearsome reputations, the Clintons have managed to escape justice. At some point, though, it is likely to catch up to them. Even GOP presidential contender Donald Trump, as a Clinton benefactor, apparently has standing to get involved if he wants.

“Any one attorney general in any state in the Union can get a temporary restraining order from a state judge to call a stop to the Clinton Foundation nationwide, simply by placing the Clinton Foundation in receivership until the state attorney general seeking the temporary restraining order from a state judge has the time required to conduct a thorough law enforcement examination of Clinton family philanthropic fraud accomplished not just in the state bringing the action, but also on a global scale,” Corsi explained. “I wrote Partners in Crime to encourage all patriotic and law-abiding Americans to understand it is not enough for Hillary Clinton to withdraw from the 2016 presidential race in disgrace. A national campaign to ‘Shut Down the Clinton Foundation’ must be launched, even if Hillary is indicted for criminal charges or drops out of the presidential election for other reasons.”

Of course, a number of Clinton associates have already been ensnared by their corrupt scheming, and even the Clintons couldn’t save them. Some of those crooks, including corrupt “businessman” Rajat Gupta, who served alongside Bill Clinton on the board of the “American India Foundation (AIF),” are right now sitting in federal prison for corrupt dealings. Indeed, it’s astounding how many charlatans, felons, and criminals seem to surround the Clintons, with many of them discussed in the book. The truth is increasingly trickling out, and polls show America knows that the Clintons are “crooked.”

Dr. Corsi, the author of two New York Times bestsellers, does a masterful job exposing the Clinton crime family and building a foundation for a legal case for their prosecution. While the book will no doubt be ignored or dismissed by the Clinton camp and its “mainstream” media allies as a partisan attack, just like the other scandals that Hillary infamously attributed to a “vast right-wing conspiracy,” it is nothing of the sort. Instead, it is likely just scratching the surface behind what has become one of the most powerful criminal syndicates in the world. For the sake of America and humanity, this crime family must be exposed before it wreaks even more havoc on America and her liberties — not to mention the rest of the world. Corsi’s book is yet another valuable tool in that effort.

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Hold on! Clintons don't benefit from foundation?

Despite mounting evidence it operates as family 'slush fund'

Published: 4 hours ago

Link: http://www.wnd.com/2016/09/hold-on-clintons-dont-benefit-from-foundation/

A Democratic Party pundit’s claim that the Clinton family does not personally benefit from its scandal-ridden foundation is “mostly true,” according to the fact-check website Politifact.

Hilary Rosen said in an NPR interview that the Clinton Foundation “is a charity where President and Secretary Clinton and their daughter, they take no salary, they get no money from it, they take no personal benefit from it.”

The fact checker’s Punditfact acknowledges the Clintons receive indirect personal benefits such as media attention, relationships with “wealthy and powerful individuals” who donate to the party and six-figure speaking fees and luxury air travel, but argues they may have received these benefits without the foundation.

Now more than ever, Bill and Hill are “Partners in Crime.” Jerome Corsi reveals “The Clintons’ scheme to monetize the White House for personal profit.”

‘Vast criminal conspiracy’

But there is growing evidence that the Clintons are guilty of the crime of inurement – personally profiting from a non-profit organization, the central charge in Jerome Corsi’s new book, “Partners in Crime.”

He cites Wall Street analyst and investor Charles Ortel, whose extensive research into Clinton Foundation operations led him to characterize the Clinton family charity as “a vast criminal conspiracy” and “a giant, cross-border, financial fraud that extends to all 50 states and to more than 75 countries worldwide.”

“The problem is that all Clinton Foundation audited financial statements and supporting disclosures filed from 2001 through 2013 are false and materially misleading,” Ortel alleges.

WND reported Ortel’s analysis that before Hillary Clinton completed her first year as President Obama’s secretary of state, $17 million went missing from Clinton Foundation financial reports.

The Clinton Foundation was initially granted IRS federal tax-exempt status to build a presidential library in Little Rock, Arkansas. However, the foundation was soon used for other purposes, even though it had no authorization to collect charitable donations for any purpose other than the library’s construction.

One such purpose was ostensibly combating HIV/AIDS in the Third World. However, as Corsi explains in his book, the Clinton Foundation illegally diverted more than $75 million in UNITAID funds from their intended purpose, which was to prevent, treat and diagnose HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria in Third World countries. That money likely went to the Clintons’ personal use, he contends.

Further, the Clintons arranged to buy defective generic drugs for Third World AIDS patients, and they appear not to have followed through to make sure the drugs actually reached AIDS patients and made a difference in the fight against HIV

Another purpose for which the Clintons used their foundation was earthquake relief in India. Bill Clinton helped establish the American India Foundation, AIF, to assist victims of a 2001 quake, but he subsequently diverted substantial funds to himself and his cronies, Corsi documents.

Moreover, AIF was not even registered in many states as a nonprofit organization with authority to raise charitable donations, although it raked in millions of dollars in those states.

The accounting for the massive, six-figure speaking fees money is murky as well, says Corsi.

“You can’t tell where the speaking fees went. Were they foundation related?

He noted Bill Clinton set up a shell corporation, WJC LLC, with a pass-through account capable of moving money to off-shore accounts.

“This is the type of thing drug cartels or terrorists do. It’s classic money laundering,” Corsi said.

The intent of Hillary Clinton’s infamous private email server becomes clear, Corsi believes when one realizes the Clintons sought to take advantage of Hillary’s position as secretary of state while Bill sought donations.

The scam would not work, Corsi said, if Hillary’s State Department emails were subject to Freedom of Information requests.

‘A commercial proposition, not a charity’

Nathan J. Robinson in Current Affairs magazine writes that longtime Clinton confidant Ira Magaziner, head of the Clinton Health Access Initiative, has admitted, regarding the Clinton Foundation, that “the whole thing is bankable.”

“It’s a commercial proposition. This is not charity.”

Robinson explained that “instead of aid, the Clinton Foundation spends much of its effort ‘creating new markets,’ finding lucrative investment opportunities in the developing world for Western private capital.”

He noted that the watchdog group Charity Navigator at one point added the Clinton Foundation to its watch list of problematic charities.

It still does not rate the organization because its “atypical business model … doesn’t meet our criteria.”

The Clinton Health Access Initiative has refused to allow the charity evaluation organization GiveWell to analyze its outcomes, and the Better Business Bureau has listed the Clinton Foundation as failing to meet the basic standards for reporting the effectiveness of its programs.

Bill Allison of the pro-transparency Sunlight Foundation, Robinson reported, has bluntly stated the foundation operates as a “slush fund for the Clintons.”

The foundation spends $8 million in annual travel expenses, Robinson noted, with some of the costs “outsourced.” For example, universities that invite Bill Clinton to speak have been handed unexpected invoices such as $1,400 hotel phone bills and $700 dinners-for-two.

NPR’s Adam Davidson, who has moderated panels at the Clinton Global Initiative, is skeptical of how much good the foundation does, saying it offers a “theater” of charity without the actual results.

Robinson writes that “critics of the Clinton Foundation may want to think twice before casually paying tribute to the organization’s tremendous good work.”

“Most of the claims about the Foundation’s efficacy have little basis in any actual reported facts,” Robinson writes. “Instead, it is simply assumed that the organization has tremendous humanitarian accomplishments, without any serious inquiry into what these are.”

He says an “examination of the actual available evidence, as opposed to the PR claims of the Foundation and its boosters, suggests the need for far greater skepticism about the organization’s charitable acts in addition to its fundraising.”

Now more than ever, Bill and Hill are “Partners in Crime.” Jerome Corsi reveals “The Clintons’ scheme to monetize the White House for personal profit.”

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2016/09/hold-on-clintons-dont-benefit-from-foundation/#gPIyOBxzSuyXpvcC.99