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Posted: Aug 20, 2016 7:23 PM PST
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First Congolese refugees arrive in Missoula

Molly Short Carr is the director of the Missoula IRC office. (MTN News photo)


The first family of refugees arrived in Missoula this week, marking the beginning of the re-opened International Rescue Committee office efforts to make Missoula home to over 100 refugees over the next year.

Missoula IRC office director Molly Short-Carr says the family is doing well and just beginning to figure out how to use household appliances like their stove, and which foods they can substitute to make meals they are familiar with.

The family of six is from the Congo where they fled a civil war before 2005. Since then, they lived in refugee camps in Rwanda, Tanzania or Uganda. Several children come with this group, having grown up in refugee camps. They have never been in classrooms like those in Missoula's public schools.

Short-Carr, who just moved from the African continent herself where she was working with refugees, is expecting 25 refugees, before the end of September.

The local group Soft Landing is assisting the IRC with resettlement efforts and organizers are in need of volunteers and financial help to support incoming families.


Missoula International Rescue Committee office up and running

"Congolese tend to be families, they tend to be sizes of six people on average in the case, that means, mom and dad, or single mom single dad with children. So that is one expectation for the initial cases to arrive here, the first four or five families at least will be Congolese," said Carr.


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